Idaho healthcare rationing sparks civil rights lawsuit

A civil rights group representing low-income elderly adults filed a lawsuit this week to fight against the state of Idaho’s quiet implementation of a policy to ration […]

Florida law may be helping Brian Laundrie and his parents

Brian Laundrie’s vanishing act has brought his parents into the limelight for their possible involvement in their son’s disappearance following the death of his fiancée Gabby Petito. […]

NBA denies player’s request for religious exemption to vaccine. Now what?

The Golden State Warriors starting favorite Andrew Wiggins’ request for a religious exemption from the COVID-19 jab was denied on Friday by the NBA, disqualifying him from […]

‘Uncontrolled vomiting’ striking marijuana users in legalized states, according to study

While many marijuana users report a positive mood change after lighting up, many chronic users, including teenagers, are experiencing an unwanted side effect driving them to the […]

Rationing booze: Pennsylvania enforces 2-bottle limit on some alcohol due to shortages

Pennsylvania is providing the rest of the nation with a perfect case study that demonstrates what happens when you put the government in charge of consumer products […]

‘Redistribution of wealth’: McCarthy say Dems’ spending bills equal money US spent ‘to win WWII’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) blasted the two massive spending bills currently making their way through Congress calling them “the amount of money we spent to […]

Georgia man pleads guilty to attacking ex-wife then rushing in to play ‘hero’

A Georgia man attempted a twisted game of “Two s and a Lie” with his ex-wife for which he was awarded a 70-year sentence last month. The […]

Teen who allegedly ‘bumped’ jogger in fatal hit-and-run reportedly laughed about it afterward

A jogger was killed by a 15-year-old motorist in Washington state who purposefully “bumped” into the man before driving off and laughing about the incident later with […]

Biden expands Central American immigrant program as Del Rio mayor begs for help

An alarming number of migrants have continued to gather under the bridge in Rio, Texas, increasing fears of a riot or stampede, while other migrants will […]

Heated Maher rips ‘snitch nation’, points fingers at both sides

Bill Maher closed his HBO program on Friday with a monologue ridiculing the degradation of American society into what he called “Snitch Nation,” and claimed that people […]

Two of Gov Newsom’s kids test positive for COVID

Despite Governor Gavin Newsomvrecovering from the recall effort by using an over $70 million war chest, at least two members of his family will be battling COVID-19 […]

Justice Breyer rejects politicizing Supreme Court, could back term limits under certain condition

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer pushed back against progressives’ cries for him to retire to allow President Joe Biden to appoint another liberal judge and believes that […]

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