‘They don’t want you to shake the tree’: David Spade reveals wokeness won’t let him be funny anymore

Actor and comedian David Spade admitted this week that cancel culture forces him to rein his jokes in. The Saturday Night Live alum, (from the 1990s when […]

Rep. who traveled to Middle East accuses Biden of lying about Afghanistan, says he has ‘recordings’

A member of the House Intelligence Committee took a trip to the Afghanistan region and asserts that President Biden has “blood” on his hands and has lied […]

Despite WH ‘cover up,’ Biden’s dog, Major, bit Secret Service agents 8 days in row

Emails released under a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request this week show that one member of the first family is a “major” pain for Secret Service […]

Eric Clapton takes on COVID-19 overreach in new protest song: ‘This Has Gotta Stop’

Iconic recording artist Eric Clapton doubled down on his anti-COVID-19 policies this week when he released a new politically-charged single, “This Has Gotta Stop.” The bluesy song […]

Leo Terrell responds to raw emotion over 13 ‘brave’ Americans killed: ‘I broke down’

Leo Terrell revealed a very human side of himself on Saturday that speaks greatly to his compassion and understanding as a person amidst the tragic loss of […]

State Dept. puts number of Americans still trying to leave Afghanistan at 350, give or take

The situation in Afghanistan remains perilous for hundreds of American citizens still vying to leave the country after suicide bombers have further complicated the botched evacuation in […]

‘Flood of emotions’: 14yo. boy pays tribute to the 13 fallen Marines with tear-jerking rendition of Taps

A young man in Carson City, Nevada paid a reverent and heartfelt tribute to the 13 U.S. service members who lost their lives in Afghanistan last week. […]

Oklahoma City woman who claimed to help rescue Afghan girls hit with cease-and-desist

An Oklahoma woman who made headlines across the country last week when she explained how she allegedly helped “rescue” ten Afghan girls on a robotics team may […]

‘How can they stand and lie on this scale?’: Lara Logan lashes out at Biden administration

Lara Logan put pressure on the Biden Administration this week for allowing the crisis in Afghanistan without employing the means available and necessary to keep Americans and […]

Man wins $45K after suing parents for trashing his beloved porn collection

A Grand Haven Michigan couple received a “stiff” penalty from a judge after tossing their son’s beloved collection. The parents were ordered by U.S. Federal Judge to […]

Most insurance providers will no longer foot entire bill for COVID treatments

At least one aspect of pre-pandemic life is getting back to normal although COVID patients will get stuck with the bill as a new study shows a […]

‘Sabrina’ actress omits key detail to blame unmasked kids for breakthrough Covid-19 diagnosis

Melissa Joan Hart posted a video of herself looking miserable in bed with a breakthrough case of COVID-19 and complained she believes she got it from her […]

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