‘Experts’ say voter fraud is not the biggest threat facing U.S. elections, talking about it is

Officials claim that misinformation is a bigger threat to election integrity in the U.S. and far outweighs the threat that may be posed by voter fraud or […]

Jesse Watters exposes Dems’ power grab propaganda using ‘public threat’ to target 2nd Amendment

Fox News’ Jesse Watters outlined the demise of our First Amendment rights under the premise of a public health threat and warned that the gun-grabbing left would […]

Fate of Afghan baby pulled over wall by Marine at Kabul airport revealed

The baby who was hoisted over a barbed wire fence at the Kabul Airport during the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan has been located in […]

Florida councilman blasts ‘no snitching’ mentality after five arrested for gunshot death of 4-yr-old

Public officials slam the “no snitching” mentality after a lengthy almost six-week investigation into the death of a 4-year-old in Tampa finally ended with the arrest of […]

Container ship pile up foreshadows bleak holiday season

As container ships continue to pile up outside of several major ports nationwide, industry experts are warning of a “global transport systems collapse,” that may lead to […]

‘Kids need a better union’: Gov. Newsom takes beating after mandating vaccines for students, not teachers

Governor Gavin Newsom faced intense backlash after he issued the first-in-the-nation mandate for California schoolchildren to receive a COVID-19 vaccination to attend school on Friday. Newsom also […]

Man posts photo of car part online, police nab him for what they saw in the background

A Missouri man learned that a picture can be worth a thousand words after he posted an online ad for a catalytic converter that brought deputies to […]

Police say school bus driver stabbed to death in Washington state as elementary kids watched in horror

A 72-year-old bus driver was stabbed to death in Pasco, Washington as several elementary school-aged children watched the horrific scene unfold on Friday. Richard Lenhart was attacked […]

Fresh off recall victory, Newsom signs bill dropping ‘offensive’ term ‘alien’ from California code

California will replace the term “alien” in the legislative vernacular after Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new law that he claims is aimed to help avoid discrimination. […]

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross rips on ‘white women’ who vote for GOP, faulting them for ‘ridiculous’ abortion laws

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross pin-pointed “white women” as the cause for so-called “ridiculous” abortion laws as she answered a question from a viewer about the “rush to […]

‘Utterly deplorable’: GOP lawmaker slams State Dept. effort to help rescue Americans stuck in Afghanistan

U.S. Rep. Greg Murphy, (R-N.C.) and his staff are doing everything they can to assist Americans and U.S. allies to escape Afghanistan but he explained that the […]

David Hogg’s sinister plan for progressives to take control relies on one thing: ‘Time’

Gun control zealot David Hogg set his sights on a new ploy to attempt to convince people to join his advocacy against the freedom guaranteed by the […]

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