Brian Williams likens ‘Texas brand’ of governing to Jim Crow laws, questions whether it will be state’s ‘leading export’

Texas Republicans pushing common-sense laws that honor life and liberty upset MSNBC host Brian Williams, who is concerned that “the Texas brand” will be rolled out in […]

DC Comics drops ‘American way’ in Superman slogan makeover: ‘Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow’

DC Comics has made another business decision that demonstrates they are kowtowing to the leftist mob as they announced their second woke decision this week — they […]

Biden pick for Comptroller of the Currency refuses to fork over Moscow St. University thesis on Marxism

President Joe Biden continues to rule under the shadow of a hammer and sickle as his nominee for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency declined […]

Biden admin takes steps to pay families of Afghan civilians killed in Kabul air strike, no amount given

The victims of the botched drone strike on Aug. 29 that left 10 Afghan civilians dead, including seven children, have been offered condolence payouts of an unspecified […]

De Blasio announcing the end of gifted children programs has been a boon for Catholic schools

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio may have inadvertently started a religious revival in the Big Apple after announcing the elimination of the Gifted & Talented […]

Afghan interpreter receives a hero’s welcome from North Carolina community

A rural North Carolina community pulled out all the stops to embrace their newest residents this week – an Afghan interpreter who served for over six years […]

Jussie Smollett trial date set after judge refuses to dismiss case

Actor Jussie Smollett’s trial date was set after his attorney failed to convince a Chicago judge on Friday to dismiss the case for the alleged hate crime […]

Calif’s new ‘ethnic studies’ graduation requirement ‘permeated’ with critical race theory concepts

As if to prove itself a bastion for Marxist ideology, California became the first state in the union to require Critical Race Theory (CRT) as a high […]

Lo and behold, Taliban takes hardline stance that they will not work with US to contain ISIS-K

On Saturday, the Taliban took a hard stance against cooperating with the United States to limit extremist groups’ activities in Afghanistan. The announcement comes ahead of the […]

GOP senators bash Biden’s spin on clearly dismal jobs report Democrat president touts as ‘progress’

President Joe Biden was slammed by Republican senators this week for sugar coating the just released dismal jobs report after he attempted to frame the clear and […]

UCLA anesthesiologist is ‘willing to lose everything’ over his bold stance on jab

A UCLA anesthesiologist took a bold stand against the draconian vaccine mandate for health care workers in California which resulted in him being escorted out of the […]

‘I cannot breathe!’: Hilarious TikTok of alleged traffic stop ‘deal’ will have you hoping it’s real

A viral TikTok video captured what appeared to be a traffic stop interaction where an officer told the driver exactly what many policemen are likely thinking when […]

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