Dad of 34 kids taken to task by Oprah network host in epic scolding

The host of “Fix My Life” on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network has some expert relationship advice for a father of 34 children born to an unknown amount […]

Clueless Joe Biden talks fair wages to the masses while wearing ritzy Hamptons golf club shirt

Leave it to Vice President Joe Biden to be totally clueless about his casual wear. While talking to struggling workers in Detroit, Mich., on Labor Day about […]

Furious mom gets national attention suing DMV over son’s picture

Let’s face it, it takes than makeup to get a DMV picture to lo good, but you can’t blame agirlguy for trying. Actually, you can if […]

Underdog finally wins: Police chiefs suspended for unlawful speed traps

A small Florida town known as a speed trap is at the center of a scandal after allegations that its officers improperly target motorists to generate revenue. […]

Response to Piers Morgan’s parting threat to NRA: ‘Bring it’ tough guy!

Piers Morgan reminded the world ina flurry of posts on today that he and CNN are officially over — for anyone living under a rock. BREAKING […]

Yikes! LA Times replaces word ‘illegal’ with ‘verbal gymnastics’ of Olympic proportions

If verbal gymnastics were an Olympic sport the LA Times would bring home the gold with their new replacement for the ultra-offensive word “illegal” with the term […]

This license plate, paired with Obama sticker, speaks volumes about the progressive left

The entitlement mindset that flourishes underPresident Barack Obama,isclearly displayed on the back of this car. Who can blame this motorist for wanting to live a life of […]

Scam alert! Don’t answer a call from this number

Fake IRS agents are making intimidating calls to Americans, trying to scam them into paying sham tax liens. The real Internal Revenue Service has cautioned citizens about […]

Dems believe climate change more dangerous than ISIS beheadings

Democrats believe global warming poses a bigger threat to the United States than Islamic State terrorists, a new Pew Research Center poll revealed. Just 25 percent of […]

Teacher receives slap on the wrist for hate-filled, racist tweets about students

Some California parents are outraged by the light punishment a high school teacher received after tweeting in explicit and violent detail her disdain for her students. Newark […]

Ridiculous shirt spotted in Ferguson violates good taste and good grammar

No matter who you think is at fault in the continuing chaos in Ferguson, Mo., most would agree one man’s shirtcomparing Islamic State terrorists to the Ferguson […]

Democrats calling for police czar to ‘prevent more Fergusons’

Leave it to the Congressional Black Caucus to bring on bureaucrats to solve a problem. A Democratic congressman wants the president to hold local police departments accountable […]