Under the radar: Obama signed executive order allowing illegals to serve in US military

While the country was focused on the resignation of Eric Holder, who many consider to be the most questionable attorney general America has ever employed, President Barack […]

Radical cleric who warned Sean Hannity ‘Shariah law is coming’ arrested in London anti-terror raid

Radical Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary has been arrested in London on suspicion of terrorism. Last month, Choudary gained American attention after ranting in an interview with Fox […]

Man trashes cops, releases video of ‘harassment’ at traffic stop; police have VERY different video

An attempt to film supposedly abusive police officers backfired for one man, when the cops used their own footage to back up their version of events. Hoping […]

Another attempt to bully Chick-fil-A; LGBT ‘uncomfortable’ with its existence

Iowa’s gaycommunity is in an uproar after Chick-fil-A sponsored a local festival designed to promote diversity. The fast-food chain, which drew national attention in 2012 when its […]

‘Duck Dynasty’ star wows ‘Dancing With the Stars’ judges as proud family watches on

“Duck Dynasty” daughter Sadie Robertson to the “Dancing With the Stars” stage by storm Monday night, stunning judges with her cha-cha. Robertson’s parents, Willie and Korie Robertson, […]

Clueless! College students ignorantly sign petition in SUPPORT of ISIS

In an exercise that showed the lack of thinking people in today’s society, a fake interviewer was able to get droves of students to sign a petition […]

Video: CBS Sports rejects tot reciting the Pledge of Allegiance ad as too political

CBS Sports has announced it won’t air a controversial 30-second commercial because it to on a “political nature” for featuring a young girl reciting the Pledge of […]

9/11 miracle! Woman finally finds owner of wedding photo she saved from rubble 13 years ago

A 13-year search for the couple in a wedding photo, discovered in the ruins of the twin towers, is over. All six people in the photo are […]

Marco Rubio, others stir debate over Ray Rice; call for prison time

People have a lot to say aboutaxedBalti Raven Ray Rice, who was caught on tape knocking out his fiance. The elevatorsurveillancevideo of the final blow to her […]

Invitation to hang with Obamas gets a good smack-down: ‘I’d rather eat nails’

The Democratic cool crowd is offering one lucky winner the rare opportunity to feel like a leftist elitist for a day. I’d rather eat nails RT @TheDemocrats: […]

Video: ISIS terrorists blubber like babies when they’re caught and slapped around

It turns outIslamic State jihadists are not as tough as they pretendto be on social media. A video surfaced last month that allegedly showed acapturedIslamic State extremists […]

‘Lame duck session gets more interesting’: Obama to delay immigration move until after Nov. elections

President Barack Obama says immigration action will have to wait until after November elections — a decision that’s not lost on conservatives. BREAKING: THIS IS RIDICULOUS! Obama […]

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