Arnold’s Ramblings 4-26-2011

Last week I was on vacation on a Caribbean Cruise. The people on the cruise ship were truly amazing! I have never seen so many grossly overweight […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 4-19-2011

The budget “deal” that was supposed to reduce spending by $38.5 billion apparently only reduces spending by $352 million according to the CBO (the bi-partisan Congressional Budget […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 4-12-2011

Amazingly the Democrats and the Republicans reached a deal to cut government spending by $38.5 billion. This almost half of what the Republicans wanted, so both sides […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 4-5-2011

The Republican spending plan proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan that would cut $6 trillion from spending over the next ten years is still way way too little. […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 3-29-2011

Now that it is apparent that we are in Libya to stay for humanitarian reasons, I guess that means that the United States is going to protect […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 3-22-2011

Now the United States is involved in a three wars: Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya. President Obama was the staunchest critic of President Bush going into Iraq, […]

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Arnold’s Ramblings 3-15-2011

A person whom I usually would say is insane, was lecturing me last week about all of the natural disasters: the earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand and […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 3-8-2011

Arnold has spent the past week contemplating the world as it is. This is a totally wasted exercise I know, but it is necessary none the less. […]

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Arnold’s Ramblings 3-1-2011

All these attacks against Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin and his plan to reduce state employee costs in Wisconsin (and close a budget deficit) and reduce collective […]

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Arnold’s Ramblings 2-22-2011

Hi, The past week has been another amazing week! Now, not only is Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen almost certain to have a change in government; but Libya looks […]

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Arnold’s Ramblings 2-15-2011

Hi, The Republicans are all excited about attempting to cut $100 billion a year from the budget; and President Obama is all excited about trying to cut […]

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Arnold’s Ramblings 2-8-2011

Hi, Arnold is finally feeling better after weeks of pain and suffering. The Egyptian “crisis” is being ignored by the markets. If Egypt is taken over by […]