Arnold’s Ramblings 7-29-2011

The president and congressional leaders – both Democrats and Republicans — are pointing fingers at each other regarding the debt ceiling. When will someone in Washington, D.C., […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 7-20-2011

The hysteria regarding the raising of the debt ceiling and the threat by the President to not pay Social Security, the military and interest on Treasuries seems […]

Arnolds Ramblings 7-14-2011

The past week has been one of total confusion. I have tried to ponder the direction of the world economies. Yes, how can little Arnold actually put […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 7-5-2011

The Republicans and Democrats are discussing a short term agreement on the debt ceiling, which has two very bad effects: first, a short term resolution will not […]

BizPac Review
Arnold’s Ramblings 6-28-2011

It appears that the Obama Administration in its quest to encourage employers to hire more employees has come up with a brilliant new plan. It seems the […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 6-21-2011

Arnold has such a headache! Yesterday, Arnold foolishly watched CNBC (as usual) at about 8:00AM to see how the markets were going to open. Instead of market […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 6-14-2011

Well this is an exciting week with the third week of Weinergate, the illustrious activities of Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York. Apparently, Congressman Weiner likes to […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 6-7-2011

In keeping with last weeks theme, Portugal has voted out (decisively) its Socialist government replaced by a moderate to right government with a coalition of the Conservative […]

Socialists just don’t get it

Many of you must have noticed that the conservative party won a landslide victory in Spain a couple of weeks ago, which was totally unexpected. While I […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 5-24-2011

I am tired. I know this is not news, but this geopolitical stuff is really exhausting. It is truly amazing how each day after day, the news […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 5-17-2011

The past several weeks have been a blur in terms of geopolitics and the economy. I actually spent Saturday attempting to study what is going on in […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 5-10-2011

Yesterday, Zillow (the online real estate valuation company) announced that 28% of all homes in the United States are “underwater”; which means that they owe more on […]