Arnold’s Ramblings 1-24-2012

Newt Gingrich has won the South Carolina primary decisively. What does this mean? It would appear as though the Republican establishment and the voters do not agree […]

BizPac Review
Arnold’s Ramblings 1-18-2012

For all of you long term readers of Arnold’s Ramblings, you recognize that Arnold is generally confused by everything, so let Arnold explain to you his latest […]

BizPac Review
Arnold’s Ramblings 1-11-2012

The Republican primaries are now in full swing. Iowa showed the surge of Rick Santorum, but Romney still does not lo strong enough, yet. Today is New […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 1-05-2012

While watching both MSNBC and Fox News this past week, Arnold had the unfortunate experience of seeing Democrats and Republicans selling their respective talking points, and he […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 12-28-2011

Now all of my readers know that Arnold is a moron, so please just try to accept what is coming. This major political insanity regarding the “raising […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 12-21-2011

As all of you who know Arnold know, Arnold is not particularly sentimental, but last week Arnold read an article regarding the season and Americans response to […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 12-14-2011

Arnold has spent several hours (nearly asleep) observing former Governor Jon Corzine’s testimony before Congress regarding the failure of MF Global and the disappearance of up to […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 12-07-2011

Last Wednesday the major central banks in the world decided to reduce interest rates and add substantially liquidity into their respective counties as a further way […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 11-30-2011

Hopefully you all had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did! There are all manners of disparate news items that individually do not make sense, and collectively […]

BizPac Review
Arnold’s Ramblings 11-23-2011

What is going on here? I just don’t get it! The Occupy Wall Street people are now running roughshod over the 99 percent. The chaos that was […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 11-16-2011

I am tired of the Herman Cain saga. The mainstream or elite media can’t stop talking about it. One has even likened the allegations to child abuse! […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 11-09-2011

By all indications, the Occupy Wall Street movement around the country has become violent, and the instances of violence are apparently increasing. The police are attempting to […]

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