You can’t unsee: Paula Deen flashes her bottom and Mark Ballas spanks her booty on DWTS

Southern chef Paula Deen was red hot on Monday’s edition ofDancing With The Stars. Despite confessing her fearto People magazine that temporary pro partner Mark Ballaswas “too […]

Senior EU diplomat: My government ‘believes Obama is quite mentally unwell’

The government of a European country allegedly believes that President Barack Obama is ‘quite mentally unwell’ and should be removed from office because he is unfit to […]

Obama calls Christians ‘suspicious’ and he’s not getting a free pass!

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeldblasted President Obama on Tuesday’s edition of “The Five” for his latest incendiary remarks about Christians and Fox News. “How do you reconcile the […]

POWERFUL beer goggles? Joy Behar was ‘aroused’ by THIS ‘hot, eye candy’ candidate last night

“I actually am aroused by him. I’m serious. I find him to be eye candy, not ear candy, eye candy.”

Video: Reported masked migrants with pipes rally in Germany shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’

Armed with sticks and pipes, hooded migrants were capturedon camera shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ in a street rally in Celle, Germany. Reportedly, the Muslims werefrom Chechnya, a country […]

Watch Hillary answer this one . . . ‘Will you say anything to get elected?’

CNN’s Anderson Cooper opened Tuesday’s first Democratic presidential debate by accusing Hillary Clinton of flip-flopping on issues for “political expediency.” “Will you say anything to get elected?” […]

‘Shame on American!’ Watch passengers scold flight crew for throwing sobbing woman off plane

An American Airs flight attendant was caught on camera bullying a sobbing woman and booting her off the plane. The incident began when a male flight attendant […]

Just like mom? Chelsea Clinton smiles her way through face-to-face trolling about parent’s alleged infidelity

Chelsea Clinton was ambushed with questions about her parents’ alleged marital infiity at a bo signing in Austin, Texason Friday. Clinton was unruffled by a series of […]

National Tea Party group warns Paul Ryan is no shoo-in for Speaker; prepares to fight

The head of a national Tea Party group issued a scathing statement Monday, urging lawmakers to prevent House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryanfrom being […]

Busted! Trump’s feminist troll is Jeb plant, sources say

Desperate times shouldn’t call for these kinds of desperate measures. A female audience member blasted Donald Trump Monday during his appearance in New Hampshire, claiming the Republican […]

Surprise! Hillary shows up to taunt Trump at union rally outside Trump Hotel

Hours before the prime-time first Democratic presidential debate, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance Monday evening at a union rally outside the Las Vegas hotel […]

Sheriff Clarke SLAMS Hillary; ‘willing to prostitute herself to secure black vote’

Sheriff David Clarke slammed Democratic presidentialfront-runner Hillary Clinton Monday for politicizing the death of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy who was shot dead by a Cleveland police […]

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