‘Being a crook doesn’t mean you’re a moron’: Jonathan Turley slams ‘direct deposit’ depictions of Biden allegations

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said that the media and Democrats were offering “ridiculous” excuses about bribery allegations involving Hunter Biden. “The media is now […]

‘They think we’re part of the problem’: John King says GOP voters ‘don’t trust’ CNN

CNN Chief National Correspondent John King said Thursday Republican voters “don’t trust” the corporate news network. “So much to unpack there,” “Inside Politics” host Dana Bash said […]

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Mike Pompeo reveals whether he’ll support Republican nominee

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday he would support “whoever” is running against President Joe Biden in the 2024 general election. “Special Report” anchor Bret […]

Alaska mayor mulls shipping off homeless to liberal city

Republican Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson wants to send the city’s homeless population to Los Angeles, California, according to The Los Angeles Times. Anchorage recorded 1,760 people staying […]

‘He holds a lot of answers’: Comer teases upcoming testimony from another Hunter Biden business associate

Republican Rep. James Comer said Thursday that Eric Schwerin would soon testify before the House Oversight Committee about the Biden family’s business deals. Schwerin, a former business […]

New College Of Florida trustees move to abolish gender studies program

The New College of Florida (NCF) board of trustees voted Thursday to direct the administration of the institution to abolish its gender studies program, according to Chris […]

Federal judges shred Biden admin’s arguments defending social media censorship

Both the judges and the plaintiffs in the Missouri v. Biden free speech lawsuit resisted the Biden administration’s arguments backing its social media censorship efforts during oral […]

Biden says he’s traveled ‘tens of thousands of miles’ across war zones

President Joe Bidensaid Thursday that he traveled “tens of thousands of miles” in war zones while speaking to veterans in Utah. Biden made the during a […]

Biden asks Congress for additional $24 billion in military, economic aid for Ukraine

The White House asked Congress for $24 billion dollars in supplementary funding related to its ongoing effort to support Ukraine’s defense against Russia on Thursday, The New […]

CNN guest calls small donors ‘one of the biggest problems for democracy,’ praises wealthy elite

Former National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg claimed Thursday that small donors in the Republican primary were a problem “for democracy” and “just venting their spleen” rather than […]

Judge in censorship case compares Biden admin’s relationship with Big Tech to the mob

A federal appeals court judge compared the Biden administration’s relationship with Big Tech to the mob during oral arguments Thursday for the major censorship case Missouri v. […]

Disgraced FBI executive claims Trump to blame for FBI shooting Utah man

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe claimed Thursday that “reckless” from former President Donald Trump caused an incident that led to the FBI shooting a Utah […]

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