‘I quit Fox’: Geraldo Rivera says he has left Fox News after ouster from ‘The Five’

Geraldo Rivera announced he was leaving Fox News in a Thursday video, saying his Friday morning “Fox & Friends” appearance could be his final one. “Anyway, […]

‘They just want to control’: Ron DeSantis blasts NYC’s proposed coal-fired oven ban

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida blasted New York City’s proposed ban for coal-fired ovens Thursday, saying it was an attempt to “control behavior.” Scott LoBaido went […]

Speakers at little-noticed Biden admin webinar urged teachers to avoid using ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ to refer to students

A teacher and a school principal at a Department of Education (DOE) webinar encouraged teachers to use gender-neutral language when referring to students and to don Pride […]

‘Chosen because she’s Black’: Winsome Sears scorches Ketanji Brown Jackson over affirmative action dissent

Republican Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears of Virginia ripped Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Thursday over her dissent in one of two cases involving race-based admission policies. “What […]

Investigators probe Texas AG’s multi-million dollar real estate binge: Report

Investigators have widened the scope of their impeachment probe into suspended Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton to examine a multi-million dollar real-estate binge, The Wall Street Journal […]

‘A dagger in our back’: Sharpton says ‘right-wing Trump court’ should be ‘resisted’

MSNBC host Al Sharpton said Thursday that the Supreme Court’s ruling striking down affirmative action programs was “a dagger in our back” that should be ignored. “I […]

‘Spiritual wickedness’: Religious leaders melt down over SCOTUS ruling overturning race-based admissions

Multiple religious leaders melted down over the Supreme Court’s decision Thursday that race-based admissions were unconstitutional, according to posts on . The decision, regarding Harvard University and […]

Majority of Americans believe country is in a cultural, economic breakdown: Poll

The majority of Americans believe the country is in a state of cultural and economic dec, according to a poll from the Trafalgar Group and the Convention […]

Steele dossier pushing Jake Tapper refuses to host debate with ‘misinformation’ spreader RFK

Wednesday night, Robert F. Kenndy Jr., who is vying for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2024, to part in his first town hall hosted by NewsNation in […]

Biden misrepresents race-based admissions in speech slamming Supreme Court ruling

After the Supreme Court ruled that affirmative action in higher education admissions is unconstitutional, President Joe Biden strongly criticized the court and departed from its view by […]

Justice Thomas’ devastating dismantling of affirmative action is ‘pure fire’, and the media is LOSING it

With affirmative action now ruled unconstitutional thanks to the Supreme Court, Democrats are in a state of pure fury. And wouldn’t you know it, the number one […]

Biden implores corporate America not to abandon race-based hiring practices

President Joe Biden called on U.S. corporations to stand by hiring practices that advantage applicants from certain racial groups over others in remarks ivered Thursday in response […]

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