The first 2024 predictions show GOP’s path to retaking the Senate could hinge on West Virginia

The road to a GOP Senate majority begins in West Virginia, according to pollsters and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). The 2024 West Virginia Senate race […]

Massive offshore wind project gets underway after getting permission to ‘take’ endangered whales

A large offshore wind project off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard has received “take” permits allowing for thousands of incidental killings of marine mammals, including dozens of […]

Biden appears to claim he ran for president while he was VP

President Joe Biden appeared to claim Friday that he ran for president while serving as vice president. “I ran for president for a basic reason, I hadn’t […]

‘Damning’ and ‘political’: Legal experts weigh in on Trump indictment

Legal experts weighed in Friday on the unsealed indictment of former President Donald Trump, some called it “damning,” while others said the indictment was “political.” The 49-page […]

Donald Trump floats that FBI staged knocked-over box of classified docs

Former President Donald Trump said Friday that the FBI staged a knocked-over box of documents for photographs included in the indictment over his alleged mishandling of classified […]

White House sounds the alarm on ‘full-scale defense partnership’ between Russia and Iran

Russia is providing billions of dollars in military aircraft and equipment in exchange for imports, as well as, ultimately, assistance with building attack drones for use in […]

America’s biggest public pension has no plans to pull investments from China as others flee

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) has no plans to divest from Chinese assets despite other large pensions pulling funds due to geopolitical risks, according to […]

US sees 1,000% surge in migrants from Afghanistan, China

Border Patrol has seen 1,000% increases in migrants coming from Afghanistan, China and other countries far from U.S. borders between fiscal year 2022 to fiscal year 2023. […]

Greta Thunberg’s days of skipping school ‘for the climate’ are coming to an end

Greta Thunberg celebrated her high school graduation on Friday, marking the end of her years-long campaign of “school strikes” that began in 2018 and eventually brought her […]

California university hosts screening of trans director’s ‘anti-Israel’ film

A University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) professor hosted a screening Wednesday of a film, which many activists believe is anti-Israel, created by a Jewish transgender director. […]

Mark Zuckerberg is working on a new app to take on Musk’s Twitter

A top executive at Meta Platforms, ’s parent company, revealed a preview of an app to compete with at a companywide meeting on Thursday, according to […]

Pentagon team finds ‘significant racial disparities’ in military justice, but lacks data to identify ‘root causes’

The Pentagon has concluded that “significant racial disparities” exist within the military’s investigative and justice system despite a lack of sufficient data showing why such disparities exist, […]

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