Do conservative education experts see Florida as a blueprint for success?

Florida lawmakers have followed through on several education reformsintended to increase parent’s rights, transparency in the classroom and ensure curriculum is age appropriate for students. Experts praised […]

Liberal city exempts celebrity chef’s restaurant from gas stove ban

Palo Alto, California, administrators have exempted a celebrity chef’s restaurant from the city’s sweeping gas stove ban. Jose Andres’ newly planned restaurant, Zaytinya, is one of the […]

Freedom Caucus calls for ‘no further discussion’ on debt ceiling as more Dems urge Biden to invoke 14th Amendment

The House Freedom Caucus has said that it will not entertain further discussion on the nation’s debt ceiling, indicating it will not vote for a compromise bill […]

Justice Gorsuch says pandemic created ‘greatest intrusions on civil liberties’ in America’s peacetime history

Justice Neil Gorsuch called government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic the “greatest intrusions on civil liberties in the peacetime history of this country” on Thursday. Gorsuch made […]

Majority of Blue State voters regret decriminalizing drugs: Poll

A majority of Oregon residents want to partially overturn a 2020 referendum that legalized small amounts of drugs, citing increased homelessness and crime as major problems, according […]

Dems block state bill requiring schools tell inquiring parents about students’ gender transitions

New Hampshire Democrats shot down a bill on Thursday that would have required schools to inform parents about their child’s gender identity, The Associated Press reported. Senate […]

Spiteful Disney nixes plans for $1 billion Florida project; Team DeSantis reacts

The Walt Disney Company has canceled plans to build a $1 billion installation in Florida amid an ongoing legal and political fight with Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. […]

‘Target on their backs’: Ex-FBI agent explains why more feds don’t speak up about abuses

Former FBI agent Nicole Parker said Thursday many FBI agents do not speak up about abuses by the agency because it would put a “target on their […]

First busload of migrants arrives in Dem-controlled Denver, a gift from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent a bus of migrants to the sanctuary city of Denver, Colorado, making it the fourth destination of his effort to send […]

Taylor Lorenz had ‘privileged access’ to Twitter before Musk bought social media site: Report

Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz reportedly had “privileged access” to prior to Elon Musk’s purchase of the social media site, according to an independent journalist. Lorenz […]

Assistant professor sues university that allegedly forces faculty to pledge commitment to diversity

An assistant professor is suing a California university that allegedly requires faculty applicants to pledge their commitment to “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” (DEI) policies and ideology. The […]

Damning Twitter File explains why cry-bully Taylor Lorenz ‘got apoplectic’ after Elon Musk’s takeover

Investigative reporter Paul D. Thacker has just dropped the latest “ Files” installment and it’s a doozy, exposing the social media platform giving Washington Post reporter cry-bully […]

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