DOJ to release controversial ‘anti-discrimination’ policy on anniversary of George Floyd’s death; report

The Biden Department of Justice reportedly plans to release a new anti-discrimination policy for federal law enforcement officers on the upcoming third-year anniversary of Minneapolis criminal suspect […]

Karine Jean-Pierre gets ONE question on Durham report, abruptly ends press briefing

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wanted nothing to do with Special Counsel John Durham’s report on the investigation into Trump-Russia collusion and, fortunately for her, the […]

Adam Schiff wipes egg off face to respond to report: ‘FBI had a good reason to investigate – Durham didn’t’

Special Counsel John Durham released his 300-page report on the investigation into Trump-Russia collusion on Monday and found the FBI and Department of Justice “failed to uphold […]

Condescending CNBC journo gets spanked over and over by Elon Musk – and boy did he deserve it!

A direct challenge to Elon Musk’s “conspiracy theory” tweets left the billionaire pausing — at length — before paraphrasing a cult classic in a one on one […]

Will Cain puts Nikki Haley on the spot over falling for fake news, lecturing us on Bubba Wallace ‘noose’

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley was put on the defensive when Fox News host Will Cain confronted her about swallowing an obvious hate hoax, ho, , and […]

Watch DeSantis double down on support for ‘fellow vet,’ heroic ex-Marine Daniel Penny

Leftists fumed over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ outspen support for former Marine Daniel Penny who, after his heroic actions to protect passengers on a New York City […]

Fetterman ‘incapable of speech or coherent thought’ in Senate hearing train wreck

The Democratic Party’s cruelty to the elderly and handicapped has been an excruciating thing to watch and a fine example of the abuse was on full display […]

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