‘Insanity’: New Biden mortgage rules mask ‘true risk’ of ‘bad’ loans, experts say

An upcoming Biden administration rule could expose taxpayers to financial risks by masking the “true risk” of subsidized home loans to borrowers with lower credit, industry experts […]

Biden’s weakness is emboldening China

China just substantially reduced a three-dayno-fly zoneit had declared northeast of Taiwan. The zone, originally scheduled to run from the 16th to the 18th of this month, […]

Tucker Carlson, please come back soon

Last Friday, I attended The Heritage Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Gala, a sprawling and swanky affair featuring many fine presentations, a surprise Dierks Bentley mini-concert for the country […]

Satire site shredded for ‘jarringly unfunny’ piece about Disney character killing DeSantis

The leftist satire site “The Onion” was hammered into the ground on Friday after tweeting out a picture of Disney character Goofy holding a crowbar and splattered […]

State bill that would stick some EV drivers with yearly $200 fee sparks debate

After years of Democrats sticking it to gas-powered automobile drivers, Republicans are now sticking it to electric vehicle drivers, albeit for what appears to be a good […]

Declassified: Retired Navy captain can finally detail his heroic actions during Korean War

More than seventy years after winning a long classified dogfight that could have sparked World War III, a U.S. Naval aviator detailed his heroism after receiving an […]

Video shows aftermath of employee reportedly trashing Popeyes restaurant over lack of payment

A video captured a Chicago fast food restaurant employee’s destructive reaction to an allegedly ayed paycheck: “This is what happens when you don’t get paid for a […]

‘Open-air psych ward’: Portland drug counselor records ‘terrifying’ attack

A drug counselor in Portland, Oregon named Kevin Dahlgren had a terrifying experience with a homeless man who attacked his car with rocks, believing he was going […]

Kirk says Biden may be hard to beat because he’s ‘tough to hate’: ‘You almost feel sorry for him’

The ongoing national catastrophe of the Biden administration only exists because enough Americans were bamboozled by the false pretense that he is a kindly, grandfatherly type and […]

Progressive rep says Biden’s overprotective staff should back off: ‘Put him out there in a press conference’

Rep. Ro Khanna, a member of the House Progressive Caucus, admitted on Friday that President Joe Biden’s staff “overprotects him” by making it near-impossible for reporters, or […]

Gunman at large after killing five ‘execution style’, police say

Authorities in Texas are searching for a Mexican national suspected of killing five people late Friday following a dispute, according to multiple media reports. The San Jacinto […]

Florida caregiver arrested for allegedly jacking identity of Alzheimer’s patient to get plastic surgery

A Florida nursing assistant was arrested Thursday after the husband of her elderly Alzheimer’s patient received a credit card statement for an account they hadn’t opened, billing […]

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