‘I can tell you who it wasn’t’: Trump hints that US blew up Nord Stream pipeline

Former President Donald Trump appeared to hint that the United States was responsible for blowing up the Nord Stream pipe during an interview with Fox News host […]

Joe Biden ‘knew’ Hunter was on Burisma board while pushing for natural gas in Ukraine, former Obama stenographer says

A former stenographer who worked for the Obama administration said Wednesday that then-Vice President Joe Biden “knew” his son Hunter was on the board of directors for […]

‘It’s only picking up’: Northern Border agents are grappling with a ‘wave’ of illicit drugs

Border Patrol agents are seeing an increasing surge of illicit drugs coming across the northern border, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statistics and two […]

Al Sharpton claims DeSantis is using ‘Jim Crow-type tactics’ in Florida

Al Sharpton said Wednesday that Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis was using “Jim Crow-type tactics” in Florida as a way to wage “war” on “aspects of history.” “The […]

Biden admin official claims racism cost US economy $16 trillion

A senior Biden administration official claimed Wednesday that racial discrimination against black people cost the U.S. economy $16 trillion over 20 years. “In the last 20 years, […]

Warren Buffet says geopolitical tensions a factor in decision to dump shares in valuable Taiwanese chip firm

Warren Buffett said geopolitical tensions were a “consideration” in his decision at the end of 2022 to dump Berkshire Hathaway’s $4.1 billion in s of TSMC, Taiwanese […]

Biden takes credit for extinguishing an inflationary inferno he started

Strange to see theWhite House taking a victory lap on the latest economic data, which show consumer prices rose 5% over the last year and 0.1% in […]

Layoffs, higher prices and fewer choices could be consequences of Biden’s new policy, experts warn

Economists and industry experts have expressed concern that the Biden administration’s strict new tailpipe emissions rules would effectively limit the sale of new gas cars in the […]

Air Force academy touts new program to combat politicization in the military

The Air Force Academy rolled out a new program aimed at reducing perceptions of politicization in the military amid a historic lack of trust in the military […]

Students list bizarre demands including free abortion pills, hormone therapy after derailing conservative event

University of Albany (UAlbany) students will list off a slew of demands including free abortion pills and hormone replacement therapy during a Student Association Senate meeting on […]

Biden’s EPA chief claims new emissions crackdown gives consumers ‘options’ to ‘protect’ the planet

The administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claimed Wednesday that the new emissions standards would provide consumers “options” and “protect” the plant. The new standards seek […]

Second expelled Dem state Rep reinstated by county commission

The Shelby County Commission – based inMemphis, Tennessee – unanimously voted to reinstate their Democratic state representative after he was removed from the House last Thursday, becoming […]

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