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First lady Jill Biden may attend King Charles coronation in lieu of Joe: report

Jill Biden may attend the coronation of King Charles III next month solo as President Biden still does not plan to be there. Biden is “not expected” […]

Leftist tears flow over 60 Minutes interview with MTG: ‘Reminds me of a guy we defeated in the 1940s’

Following “60 Minutes” announcing Friday that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) would appear on the show Sunday, leftists came absolutely unglued and predictably compared her to Hitler […]

Rachel Campos-Duffy reveals how she found true love in a hookup-obsessed world

“Fox & Friends” host Rachel Campos-Duffy has written an op-ed on how she found and marriage the old-fashioned way in the 90s by meeting her husband-to-be […]

WaPo’s Tumulty thinks Russia detained WSJ reporter after seeing success of Griner swap

Washington Post columnist and deputy editorial page editor Karen Tumulty dropped a truth bomb about the Biden administration on Friday. Speaking on “PBS NewsHour” about Russia’s detention […]

Battered reporter shares his hair-raising experience being ‘picked up and tossed off the road’ by tornado

Powerful storms cut a swath of destruction across several states in the South and Midwest on Friday, leaving devastation in their wake as America’s heartland was pummeled […]

Judge delivers blow to Tenn. law aimed at protecting children from sexualized drag performances

A federal judge has temporarily blocked the Tennessee law aimed at protecting children from hyper-sexualized performances, namely drag shows seemingly grooming kids, and his telling decision referenced […]

Dennis Quaid documentary exposes the often overlooked dangers of electric grid failure

Actor Dennis Quaid has released a bone-chilling documentary that points to the devastating after-effects of a nationwide power grid failure such as starvation, homelessness, violence, and death […]

Author James Patterson claims NYT bestseller list is manipulated: ‘I’m asking you to please cut it out’

The author with the record for most number one New York Times bestsellers had a bone to pick with the outlet’s “coed” number manipulation and, after getting […]

Maher warns his fellow libs Trump indictment could set precedent for ‘cycle of revenge’

During the latest episode of his HBO show, liberal comedian Bill Maher warned his fellow liberals about the risks inherent in indicting former President Donald Trump. “I […]

Babylon Bee CEO says satire is becoming more difficult as the world grows increasingly ‘insane’

In a world gone increasingly bonkers, Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon is finding it harder and harder to do satire and come up with humorous heads when […]

Dems who once decried ‘threatening to jail political opponents’ singing different tune after Trump indictment

Capitol Hill Democrats were all too eager to promote their hypocrisies as the indictment of former President Donald Trump was met wholly differently than calls to arrest […]

Biden’s trip to Northern Ireland still on despite ‘severe’ terrorism threat level: ‘They can’t keep me out’

President Joe Biden revealed to reporters that he still plans to visit Northern Ireland later this month despite Ireland currently facing a “severe” terror threat. “Northern Ireland […]

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