Utah pro-life orgs take victory lap over abortion clinic ban, eye more legislation

Pro-life organizations in Utah are pleased with Wednesday’s passing of H.B. 467, which will close all abortion clinics in the state by the start of 2024, but […]

‘It’s happening everywhere’: Lawmakers push to ban secret student pronoun changes, keep parents involved

Lawmakers have introduced legislation on the state and federal level to prohibit schools from hiding students’ gender transitions in response to a lawsuit from a California mom […]

‘Targeted and unsafe’: Universities across the country are holding ‘Israel Apartheid Week’

University student groups across the country are hosting “Israel Apartheid Week” (IAW) events to protest the Jewish state’s alleged crimes against humanity and its occupation of Palestine. […]

Andy McCarthy: Bragg’s case against Trump ‘hinges’ on ‘porn star,’ man with ‘deep credibility problems’

Fox News contributor and former assistant U.S. attorney to the Southern District of New York, Andy McCarthy, suggested that progressive Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has some […]

‘Woke’ Disney to lay off thousands, orders managers to compile list of employees to cut

According to a source inside Disney, the entertainment giant has ordered managers/executives to prepare budget cuts and, notably, lists of employees to be laid off, with […]

Anti-capitalist MN teacher ‘loves’ it when students exhibit her lack of ‘respect for authority’

Much like queer theory itself is just a subset of Marxism, a Minnesota school teacher previously exposed for her alphabet activism also appeared to be a proponent […]

As 20 year anniversary of Iraq War arrives, experts say the Biden admin is not leaving any time soon

The Biden administration Pentagon has not signaled any effort to extract itself from Iraq despite a shift toward countering China, experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation. […]

Biden’s tax plan will ‘trickle down’ and pummel the middle class

The collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank has grabbed the heads, obscuring one of the most significant events of the year: the list of President Joe Biden’s […]

‘We need to be using our resources’: Biden admin mulls possible 20-year mining ban in South Dakota

In yet another example of “green” gone wrong, the Biden administration cried “climate change” once again and to an infuriating step closer to a 20-year ban on […]

Mexican leaders mount ‘deception campaign’ to deny fentanyl involvement as GOP seeks cartel crackdown

Top Mexican officials are claiming that their country plays no role in the fentanyl epidemic happening in the U.S. amid renewed calls by Republican lawmakers to target […]

Dramatic upswing of FBI terror watchlist suspects being arrested at southern border

Sixteen of the illegal aliens who crossed into the U.S. illegally in February were on the FBI’s terror watch list. This brings the total number of watch […]

Biden’s interior secretary dishes out icy revenge on Alaskans

Revenge, the saying goes, is a dish best served cold. But when it comes to Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland, vengeance on Alaskans is icy. When Haaland […]

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