Reporter confronts Jean-Pierre on branding people ‘conspiracy theorists’ over lab leak theory

Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich put White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on the hot seat during a press briefing on Monday, grilling her over branding those […]

DC passes bill into law allowing illegal immigrants, other noncitizens to vote

The Washington, D.C. city council made it official on Monday, illegal immigrants and other non-citizens can now vote in local elections. The Democrat-run district that serves as […]

Biden celebrating Black History Month: ‘I may be a white boy, but I’m not stupid’

President Joe Biden marked the occasion of Black History Month by leaning into the racial themes that have paved his path to power but it was an […]

Stephen Moore: Scholars rank biggest spending presidents as the greatest

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Before President Joe Biden entered the White House, he consulted with several prominent historians about how […]

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