‘What is the point? Pentagon mulling discharges for unvaccinated troops who didn’t seek exemptions

The Department of Defense (DOD) is mulling moving forward with discharges for some servicemembers who did not seek exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, according to a […]

This political outsider could change the Republican party’s future for good

Last week, a first generation American, a graduate of Harvard and Yale who built his fortune as a biotech entrepreneur, stepped forward and announced that he is […]

To justify gun control, blue state attorneys cite ‘bigoted’ old laws disarming Blacks, Catholics and Native Americans

Attorneys that support gun control for law-abidingcitizens are resorting to outdated, racist gun laws to satisfy new firearm law requirements laid out in the New York State […]

Teachers Union president melts down on Supreme Court steps

American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten railed against challenges to President Joe Biden’s student loan cancellation plan outside of the Supreme Court Tuesday as oral […]

Abortion zealots pile on ‘vengeful’ and ‘cruel’ smear campaign after Christian celeb has tragic miscarriage

Grieving Christian celebrity Jessa Duggar Seewald has been subjected to a cruel and heartless campaign by abortion activists claiming that she had an abortion when she actually […]

Don Lemon says the quiet part out loud on elite liberals’ go-along to get-along crowd

CNN morning show co-host Don Lemon, fresh off a “sexism” scandal, may have revealed why some high-profile people keep their conservative opinions to themselves. Lemon has never […]

‘Am I wrong?’ Passenger says he wanted to slap man who refused to switch seats so he could sit by wife

In what amounts to the ultimate first-world problem, an air passenger to to social media to complain about a fellow traveler refusing to switch seats with him […]

Alyssa Griffin says RNC has little control over Trump, predicts he’ll burn GOP to the ground if not the nominee

Time spent as the ten Republican on ABC’s “The View” has evidently led cohost Alyssa Farah Griffin to believe she speaks for the GOP and Monday she […]

Hillary Clinton showers praise on associate who shocked high society with alleged suicide

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had nothing but praise to shower on “considerate, caring, generous, unpretentious” billionaire Thomas H. Lee when she spe at his memorial […]

Scott Adams ponders having ‘no anchor’ on free speech as cancellation campaign deals him another brutal blow

The canceling of “Dilbert” cartoonist Scott Adams rages on, but while business partners terminated future projects and peers grifted celebrity with flame-fanning activism, the outspen artist seemed […]

Top Biden scientist issued warning on offshore wind months before dead whales started washing ashore

A senior Biden administration scientist wrote an internal memo warning about offshore wind development and its potential impact on marine life months before whales started dying and […]

DeSantis explains Disney’s new ‘accountability’ now that it has to abide by same laws as everyone else

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ivered on the “find out” Monday when he signed a bill that gives the state of Florida control of Walt Disney World‘s self-governing […]