Here are the sexually explicit books Florida is working to remove from public schools

Florida public school districts have removed over 100 bos for containing content that is pornographic, violent or not age-appropriate, the Daily Caller News Foundation learned. The bos […]

Meet the convicted killers Pennsylvania’s Dem gov wants to save from death row

Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro said Thursday he would not sign any execution warrants during his term and called for the State Assembly to abolish the death […]

‘Lucrative business’: The child sex change industry is exploding in the US

The child sex change industry is massive and growing, and children undergoing cross-sex treatments can bring a massive cash influx to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and others in […]

Dem Rep handed out Congressional awards to members of alleged Chinese influence operations

California Democratic Rep. Judy Chu has handed out congressional awards to at least 10 individuals who belonged to alleged Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intelligence front groups, a […]

George P. Bush says Biden’s creating unconstitutional ‘asylum approach’ to ‘build a new political base’

Former Texas land commissioner George P. Bush accused President Joe Biden of “trying to build a new political base” via an unconstitutional “asylum approach” to the crisis […]

CBS actually calls out Bernie Sanders for charging 95$ to events touting his capitalism-trashing book

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was called out to his face over his bo tour’s ties to monopolistic Ticketmaster and his dismissive response was the epitome of hypocritical […]

White history teacher says Blacks built this country so they have a right to ‘burn the motherf**ker to the ground’

An infamous far-left Maryland history teacher is under the spotlight again over the radical remarks he’s made on social media, particularly TikT. Lane Cogdill, who appears to […]

Georgia parental rights bill would prevent teachers from discussing gender identity with students

Activists recycled the same failed arguments used in Florida as Georgia legislators endeavored to craft their own version of the Parental Rights in Education law that’s even […]

‘The Shaman did nothing’: Nancy Pelosi’s daughter is on video downplaying Jan 6th

Conservatives have long been saying that the infamous events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, was no insurrection. For that belief, they have been censored […]

California cops outraged over bill that would ban ‘racist’ police dogs

Leave it to California to go after “racist” dogs. Under a new bill currently being considered by California’s notoriously progressive lawmakers, law enforcement agencies would no longer […]

Actress Patricia Heaton prods ladies to school Don Lemon about accomplishments ‘past their prime’: ‘I’ll start …’

Having effed around, CNN’s Don Lemon is now finding out the hard way that talking trash about women is not such a great idea. As previously reported, […]

Teacher on leave after using students in TikToks that mock FL Dept. of Edu for removing inappropriate books

A Florida middle school teacher’s blatant political exploitation of students begged one simple question: “How is this ay?” The left has remained up in arms over Gov. […]

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