The View co-hosts slam Prince Harry and ‘crying’ Meghan for taking victimhood too far

The left’s embrace of victimhood is precisely why serial offendees have been elevated to positions of prominence, but the spell of groupthink may have temporarily worn off […]

‘Reasonable’ concessions to climate hysteria lack reason

First, there is no climate emergency. Claims to the contrary are based on exaggerations of carbon dioxide’s warming effect and computer mos that have proven unreliable. As […]

‘Complacency’: Utah embraces gender identity and CRT in schools despite parental pushback

Instead ofkeepingCritical Race Theory (CRT) and gender identity lessonsout of their school districts, Utah is embracing the teachings despite parent pushback. Red states like Oklahoma and Florida […]

Of course, Harvard made a musical featuring Jesus and Judas in gay Asian love relationship

Further proof that an Ivy League education isn’t worth what it used to be came courtesy of a new student-produced musical about Judas Iscariot told in the […]

MAGA fund that invests in firms supporting GOP is outperforming woke Biden-backed ESG funds

Did you know there’s a “Make America Great Again” fund that “tracks an index of US large-cap companies whose employees and political action committees are highly supportive […]

House GOP working on bill to ban TikTok across federal government

The House Republican Conference is currently working on legislation that may ban the use of TikT by federal government employees, the Daily Caller News Foundation has learned. […]

New York Times could go dark for a day: Journalists threaten to walk over pay demands

Over 1,000 unionized New York employees are reportedly threatening to conduct a 24-hour walkout, but it appears the general public couldn’t care any less. The reason for […]

Mother fears giving birth to her daughter was ‘bad for the earth’ in bonkers WaPo analysis

According to a new analysis piece from the Washington Post the choice between having a baby and being nice to Mother Earth is “complicated.” In a world […]

Virginia’s largest police department struggles in staffing crisis: ‘We’ve never seen this level’ of a shortage

Virginia’s largest police department in Fairfax County is suffering a major staffing shortage and is offering $15,000 to new officers who are qualified to come on board […]

Candace Owens leads mockfest of D-list celebs exodus from Twitter

Conservative firebrand Candace Owens hilariously pilloried D-list celebrities who have taken part in a “mass exodus” from after Chief Twit Elon Musk to the helm, quipping […]

Dumb criminal tip of the week: Do not respond to police dept. ‘most wanted’ Facebook posts

A Georgia man’s poorly thought-out attempt to be funny when he responded to a police department’s “most wanted” list of criminals on badly backfired, ending up […]

Dems boot ‘white’ Iowa from 2024 Primary Calendar: ‘It’s time for black voters to actually have a say’

President Joe Biden successfully pushed for South Carolina to replace Iowa as the first primary state to kick off the 2024 presidential election for Democrats due to […]