Tucker Carlson: Zelenskyy ‘kept lying on television’ about missile being launched by Russia

Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Wednesday of “lying” about the origins of a missile that killed two people in Poland Tuesday. “[Zelenskyy] […]

‘Epic, predestined failure’: New report reveals why the Afghan gov’t collapsed within 10 days

Afghanistan’s government failed to recognize that the U.S. intended to withdraw, one of several reasons it collapsed 10 days after the Taliban takeover and two weeks before […]

Trump’s ‘hesitation to support Ukraine’ is a sign that ‘national security concerns’ remain, disgraced Peter Strzok claims

Fired FBI agent Peter Strz claimed during a Wednesday MSNBC appearance that former President Donald Trump’s supposed “hesitation” to back Ukraine is a sign of “national security […]

Karen Bass defeats Rick Caruso in LA mayor’s race after mail-in ballots keep coming

Democratic California Rep. Karen Bass was elected mayor of Los Angeles, The Associated Press projected Wednesday, beating real estate developer and former Republican Rick Caruso in a […]

‘Look the other way’: Increase in Chinese international students raises national security concerns, experts say

The increase of Chinese international students attending U.S. universities presents an opportunity for the Chinese government to conduct espionage, experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “You […]

Republicans win control of the House. Now what?

Republicans gained control of the United State House of Representatives, edging out a narrow victory in the tightly-contested midterm elections. The GOP currently holds 218 seats after […]

CNN hosts hammer DNC adviser for defending Dem strategy of elevating ‘MAGA’ candidates

CNN hosts Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell called out Democratic National Committee senior adviser Cedric Richmond Wednesday after he defended efforts by Democrats to boost “MAGA” candidates […]

Same-sex marriage bill clears major hurdle in Senate with GOP support

The Senate voted 62-37 Wednesday to advance a bill codifying same-sex marriage past a key procedural hurdle, bringing it one step closer to a final vote. In […]

California projected to have massive budget shortfall as businesses flee the state

California is expected to have a $25 billion budget deficit in 2023-2024 as people and businesses leave the state in droves,according to a projection by the state’s […]

School counselor canned for public comments about ‘gender identity’ fires back with 1A lawsuit

A Wisconsin public school counselor is fighting back after being fired for speaking out against the left’s critical gender theory at a public rally earlier this year. […]

German lawmaker claims he ‘regularly’ uses gay dating app to answer policy questions

Are lawmakers in Germany trying to get busy while working on legislation even during proceedings of that country’s parliament? One government official allegedly said in a recent […]

Biden admin blames Russia for missile explosion on Polish border

The Biden administration blamed Russia Wednesday after a Ukrainian missile hit Polish territory Tuesday, killing two people, in an official statement. “We have seen nothing that contradicts […]

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