‘No one wants Joe’: Jill Biden hits the campaign trail while hubby spends relaxing weekend at home

First lady Jill Biden is hoofing it on the campaign trail in two states this weekend after visiting Rhode Island a couple of days ago, all in […]

‘Well, but, hold on!’ Buttigieg bristles at grilling over claims GOP will exacerbate inflation

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg grew huffy with CNN’s Chris Wallace when the anchor pressed him on claims that Republicans were going to make inflation worse: “Well, but, […]

Grammy-nominated artist embarrassingly botches National Anthem at World Series opener

In an error-filled, embarrassing rendition of the national anthem, Grammy-nominated Black Pumas singer Eric Burton flopped big time at the 2022 World Series opener between the Philaphia […]

Would-be robber forced to flee after Chicago business owner takes his gun

A Chicago business owner turned the tables on a suspect during an alleged armed robbery after noticing a malfunction with his firearm and reacting from an “emotional […]

‘Head of censorship’ who quashed Hunter Biden laptop story seen GLARING at Musk before being fired

A photo has surfaced of lawyer and “head of censorship” Vijaya Gadde allegedly giving the new “Chief Twit” Elon Musk the evil eye during an awkward […]

As Dems grow more desperate they break out the ‘rich has-been’ Obama

Former President Barack Obama has joined the final push before the midterms, campaigning for Democrats in these last two weeks before the people decide. He was in […]

Maher: ‘Emotional hemophiliacs on social media telling us what we can’t do’ are ruining Halloween

HBO host Bill Maher is fed up with people being offended over Halloween costumes and with we progressives banning anything that threatens their “fragile sensibilities,” asserting that […]

CNN ‘cost-cutting efforts’ result in axing of documentaries and original series

Since CNN’s new chairman and CEO Chris Licht to the wheel at the network many have loed on wondering which left-wing pseudo-intellectual would be the next on […]

Meghan McCain defends loving Lizzo, Disney’s plus-size ballerina: ‘Doesn’t make me part of the woke mafia’

As society reacted to Disney’s latest foray into the culture war with a short film about an overweight ballerina, Meghan McCain came to the defense of the […]

Tucker praises Musk’s ‘transformative’ takeover of Twitter, predicts Biden regime will try to crush him

The finalizing of billionaire Elon Musk’s deal to take control of struck a major blow to the authoritarian regime that has used censorship as the primary […]

‘It’s happening’: Salivating media tricked by pranksters posing as fired Twitter employees

Billionaire Elon Musk’s long-awaited takeover of social media giant has generated much weeping and gnashing of teeth in a media that is terrified that free speech […]

Why Biden and Kamala should accept responsibility partially for Pelosi attack; Fox News host sounds off

While speculation swirls about the motivation of the alleged attacker of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband, Democrats have once again opted for a partisan “do as […]

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