VA law would legally criminalize parents for not bowing to their child’s gender demands

A proposed Virginia law criminalizing parental response to LGBTQ issues will force parents to choose between their beliefs and prison. Under a new law, parents could face […]

Cali mom tears into ‘activist pimps’ on school board, says parents are DONE playing by their leftist ‘rules’

A California mom railed against her local school district and its plans to hold a “family-friendly” Halloween drag show this month. Brittany Mayer told Fox News’s Tucker […]

Mark Wahlberg puts massive California mansion on the market, wants ‘kids to have a better life’ in Nevada

Fleeing an unsatisfactory lifestyle for his family, constrictive corporate taxes and Hollywood’s liberalism, Mark Wahlberg is headed to Sin City, where he plans to launch “Hollywood 2.0.” […]

Newly released video purports to show Pelosi fear for Pence’s safety as she munches beef jerky

In new footage from CNN that is for an HBO documentary on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the powerful Democrat can be seen calling Vice President Mike Pence […]

Owners of grocery store that survived the Depression fear they won’t make it through the Biden regime

The owners of a 107-year-old Pennsylvania grocery store that survived the Great Depression are now in fear that President Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency, which has led to […]

Oregon counties will vote on secession from leftist state to become part of Idaho

Conservatives in Oregon are gathering forces to vote on secession from the state in a concerted effort to join Idaho, which s their values and political beliefs […]

‘Didn’t get the woke memo’: Black NFL coach puts race-baiting reporters to SHAME

As one of just four black NFL coaches, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles was bound to get some extra attention from the media. But when […]

Biden makes conspicuous stop at Taco joint, but 50% ‘public service’ discount spoils inflation game

Following Kingsview Partners Chief Investment Officer Scott Martin using Taco Bell as an example of out-of-control inflation, President Biden appears to have gone political over it, stopping […]

NY mom arrested after she lets her 10-yr-old get a tattoo, but puberty blockers and breast removal is A-OK?

Does your young child want to take life-altering hormones? No problem. Would the kid like to remove her breasts or his testicles? New York state has got […]

‘They can’t f**k with me’: NFL’s Dan Snyder claims to have dirt on Goodell amid pressure to sell team

Forget about the haphazard name changes to appease the leftist confluence over at the National Football League. Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder is now embroiled in even […]

Judge rules federal ban on guns with removed or altered serial numbers unconstitutional

A judge ruled on Wednesday that a federal law banning the possession of a firearm with an “altered, obliterated or removed” serial number is unconstitutional based on […]

Bruno Mars ‘sexually bows out’ of submitting highly favored Silk Sonic album for Grammy consideration

After being awarded four Grammys in 2022 for the hit track “Leave the Door Open,” Silk Sonic duo Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak shocked the music scene […]

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