Investment strategist slams the breaks on misleading ‘healthy jobs number’ narrative: ‘Blows my mind’

Talking heads are touting job growth as an indicator of a healthy economy but econ experts warn that numbers often lie. During an appearance on Fox Business’s […]

Notorious art thieves who got away with millions turn out to be now deceased NYC teachers

It’s right out of a movie script; a perfect caper taken literally to the grave by a pair of expert thieves. A decades-long investigation by the FBI […]

Jason Whitlock compares left’s ‘demonic’ reaction to Kanye to the treatment of Kunta Kinte

Pushing back against the liberal, anti-Christian principles of the left will put a target on your back, inciting Democrats to berate and abuse you into submission, “whipping […]

Outrage over video showing daycare workers terrorizing crying children with scary mask, screaming in their faces

Parents were furious when four now-terminated employees at a Mississippi daycare were caught on video going room to room scaring the little children with a Halloween ghost […]

IG reprimands Army general, claims he ‘discredited’ the service by trolling Tucker Carlson

A we general who ighted in trolling Fox News host Tucker Carlson on for criticizing the “feminization” of the armed forces, has been reprimanded by the […]

‘You promised a Sanctuary City!’ Mayor Adams declares state-of-emergency in NYC and breaks the internet

Standing unironically behind a podium that read “Get Stuff Done,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams declared a state of emergency on Friday over the influx of […]

Megyn Kelly says husband having one-night-stand better than a ‘sit and cry’ with another woman in revealing talk

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Megyn Kelly, once of Fox News fame, told her podcast guest, Gad Saad, that she would […]

Gutfeld goes off on NYC councilwoman who urged folks not call 911: ‘Guess who called the cops yesterday?’

While each side of the political aisle can be at times accused of the same brand of dishonesty, hypocrisy seems unequivocally rampant in the left wing […]

Woman allegedly ties up Tinder date… cuts, chokes, and threatens to kill him before ordering take out

In a cautionary tale that should make everyone think twice before hoing up on dating apps, a woman in Colorado met a man she connected with on […]

Sharon Osbourne defends Kanye, regrets massive donation to ‘scam’ BLM and wants her money back!

Sharon Osbourne wants a refund from Black Lives Matter, an organization she now considers a “scam.” The iconic former co-host of “The Talk” was approached by a […]

‘A very special day’: Iowa reporter comes out as a trans woman during on-air report

Local 5 News WOI-TV’s Nora J.S. Reichardt has been reporting in Iowa since July 2021, but up until now, she’s been doing it under a different name […]

‘Hurtful’: Activist whines Chicago Marathon didn’t make a big enough deal about its new ‘non-binary division’

The we Chicago Marathon is quietly adding a non-binary division for 2023 and one runner is calling it hurtful because it feels like it is being “brushed […]

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