As Harris gaffes, North Korea fires fourth ballistic missile in a week raising national security concerns

North Korea is stepping up its aggression once again, firing at least four ballistic missiles within a week following the egregious gaffe by Vice President Kamala Harris […]

Off the record: Obama reportedly blamed Comey, Bill and Hillary Clinton for Trump’s 2016 victory

In what must be a stitch in former President Barack Obama’s side, a Freedom of Information request was granted and Bloomberg received a cache of documents from […]

Viral pic of microphone’s ‘raincoat’ during Ian coverage explained: ‘Can’t get these mics wet’

A Florida reporter bre the cardinal rule of journalism and made the story about her when she pointed out during coverage of Hurricane Ian on Wednesday that […]

Conway breaks down how GOP can achieve ‘monster victory’: Make Dems ‘eat and own’ Biden’s failures

The clock continues to tick down toward the most important midterm elections in history with the fate of America as it has existed literally hanging in the […]

OBGYN who called himself the ‘vagina whisperer’ slapped with list of HEINOUS allegations

A Las Vegas doctor who referred to himself as the “vagina whisperer” was accused of multiple counts of sexual misconduct including offers of $1,000 to patients to […]

Tucker claims Putin didn’t blow up pipeline, but Jennifer Griffin says Russia is prime suspect in sabotage

Fox News host Tucker Carlson proclaimed that it would be insane for Russian President Vladimir Putin to blow up the Nord Stream 2 pipe while his colleague, […]

Berkeley Law student groups are adopting bylaw that directly targets Jews: ‘Tinged with antisemitism’

After the University of California Berkeley to heat for an off-campus housing co-operative reportedly banning white guests from common spaces, the pervasiveness of we exclusionary practices is […]

‘I like the alpha male vibe’: New trailer for conservatives-only dating app sure to trigger the left

The sister of former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Ryann McEnany, has officially launched the conservative dating app “The Right Stuff” and the new trailer is […]

Cancel culture claims new victim: Top Apple exec who joked about liking ‘big-breasted women’

Cancel culture claimed a new victim in the form of an Apple executive after an investigation reportedly found the 22-year company man guilty–of telling a je. Until […]

‘Not really thrilled about that’: NY ‘Slutty Vegan’ restaurant giving some parents heartburn

New Yorkers are now able to enjoy the tasty ights of the burger chain Slutty Vegan which just opened a new location in Brolyn, serving up its […]

‘I’m at school to learn’: Minn. students walk out over asst. principal’s ‘straight, white privilege’ remarks

A Minnesota high school assistant principal’s remarks on “straight, white privilege” not only led to outraged parents but to a student walkout as well with attendees lamenting, […]

New book: Meghan Markle cried racism over 2017 Vanity Fair cover, drug ‘blackface’ into it

A new bo is contending that Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle was enraged over a 2017 Vanity Fair cover that boasted “She’s Just Wild About Harry!” when […]

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