Taliban crushes women’s rights protest on the eve of Biden Afghanistan surrender anniversary

Mere days before the one-year anniversary of President Joe Biden’s cutting and running from Afghanistan and turning the country over to the Islamist extremists of the Taliban, […]

Ohio University hosts drag show for Welcome Week

Austin Browne, Campus Reform This year’s annual Welcome Week celebration at Ohio University will include a performance from drag queen ‘Silky Nutmeg Ganache.’ The Welcome Week performance […]

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross puts racial spin on Biden’s inflation mess, insists whites have it better

One would have to begrudgingly give Democratic Party shill Tiffany Cross some credit for admitting that inflation is a major problem for Americans under President Joe Biden’s […]

FBI concludes Alec Baldwin pulled trigger in Rust shooting, criminal charges still a possibility

The FBI has reportedly concluded that the gun involved in the death last October of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins must have been fired by actor Alec Baldwin, despite […]

Agent says Salman Rushdie showing improvement, attacker pleads NOT GUILTY to attempted murder

After a brutal stabbing resulted in Salman Rushdie being airlifted to a New York hospital, an update on the author’s condition has been provided while his attacker […]

Swalwell takes a break from Chinese spies to post warning for those ‘aboard the Trump Train’

U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell has been on the warpath this week accusing Republicans of stoking violence in the wake of the Mar-a-Lago raid and is warning those […]

‘Pure panic!’ Car crashes into iconic Virginia pub, setting it on fire, leaving 14 injured

A driver careened practically into the front door of Ireland’s Four Courts pub in Arlington, Virginia, on Friday during Happy Hour, setting the bar and restaurant on […]

CNN climate correspondent deletes ‘poorly worded’ tweet accusing GOP of hastening Earth’s doom

Climate alarmists pushing their green agenda would have you accept at face value that the science is settled and there is no room for debate as they […]

Gabbard shreds DOJ for Trump raid she fears ‘has set our country on a dangerous new course’

With the blessing of Attorney General Merrick Garland, the Department of Justice committed what many believe to be just the latest in a long line of usurpations […]

Murder suspect nabbed after calling 911 to report that McDonald’s served him cold fries

In the latest in a never-ending series of examples of really dumb criminals doing stupid things, a Georgia murder suspect effectively turned himself in after he got […]

Dem congressman brushes off ‘civil war’ chatter, says it’s ‘sign of desperation’ like Putin nuke threats

Impeachment manager and Jan. 6 committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin’s obsession with pushing the Russian collusion narrative has yet to fade despite repeatedly failing to prove wrongdoing […]

Media reportedly banned from suspected Salman Rushdie attacker’s arraignment

The media was prohibited by authorities from attending the arraignment of Hadi Matar, the New Jersey man who stands accused of stabbing author Salman Rushdie up to […]

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