Pop diva Katharine McPhee: ‘I blame every single one of you woke voters’ for soaring crime in California

Singer/songwriter and “American Idol” runner-up Katharine McPhee has taken to social media to lament crime-infested Los Angeles and the “woke voters” whom she apparently considers responsible for […]

Veteran ESPN reporter says she is transitioning to a man and goes by ‘M.A.’ Voepel, with male pronouns

Award-winning ESPN reporter Mechelle Voepel announced on Tuesday she is transitioning from female to male and will be adopting the name “M.A. Voepel” and using male pronouns. […]

Iranian Revolutionary Guard member charged in plot to kill John Bolton — out $300K in cryptocurrency

The Justice Department announced charges Wednesday against an Iranian member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in connection to an alleged plot to assassinate former Trump administration […]

Afghan national charged in murder of NM Muslims, social media awaits Biden follow up

Detectives have arrested a man whom they consider a prime suspect in the murders of at least two Muslim men in Albuquerque, N.M. in what allegedly might […]

Trump shares concerns about FBI ‘planting’ evidence amid report agents wanted Mar-a-Lago cameras OFF

Former President Trump suggested that the FBI might have planted evidence as they laid siege to his Mar-a-Lago residence for nine hours on Monday, blocking his team […]

‘We had ZERO percent inflation’: Biden dazed and confused after July 8.5% inflation rate announced

The Labor Department released the inflation report Wednesday and while any fair-minded person can tell the economy is far from looking up, President Joe Biden has well […]

WaPo reporter cites IRS cafeteria to justify $80B tagged for 87,000 new agents

The Washington Post is once again providing cover for the Biden administration, claiming that the $80 billion earmarked for the IRS is because it’s wildly understaffed and […]

Gen. Milley’s mutinous resignation letter NEVER submitted to Trump showcased by New Yorker

Leftist rag drags out bitter and scathing resignation letter Gen. Mark Milley reportedly never submitted to Trump Continuing their never-ending beating of a dead political horse, The […]

Trump states prior to being questioned by ‘racist’ NY attorney general he will plead 5th, explains why

In a week of witch hunts, former President Donald Trump reported to “racist” New York Attorney General Letitia James’ (D) office Wednesday for questioning regarding a financial […]

Don Lemon stands by biased punditry, defines CNN’s new direction as having more Republicans on

CNN’s Don Lemon wants to be perceived as an arbiter of truth, but as he endeavored to defend his biased punditry as fact-based journalism in lieu of […]

Healthcare company mum on hiring of ‘mentally ill’ nurse facing 6 murder charges in horrific LA crash

A registered nurse who faces second-degree murder charges after allegedly speeding in her Mercedes Benz through a red light in Los Angeles, resulting in a devastating multi-vehicle […]

Florida sheriff says school officers will have tactical gear, rifles: ‘Our children, teachers will be protected at all costs!’

While Democratic leaders have resorted to eroding the rights of law-abiding citizens to supposedly confront the dangers of violent offenders, first responders are making genuine change at […]

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