Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters delivers message to fans who don’t like his politics: ‘F**k off to the bar’

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters has a long history of wearing his worldview on his sleeve and the aging rocker has a message for fans on his […]

Rubio opponent Val Demings goes there, claims 50 top military leaders back so-called inflation bill

Florida Congresswoman Val Demings’ attempt to justify Joe Biden’s latest spending spree is backfiring bigtime. According to the Democrat, who represents an Orlando-area district, “50 top generals, […]

CPAC attendee Alex Stein heckles Vice reporter who mocked J6 defendants: ‘Only one in a mask!’

Right-wing prankster Alex Stein heckled “loser” and “liar” Vice News reporter Tess Owen at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas on Saturday in a viral video […]

Gov. Noem has message for ESPN analyst who wants term ‘Mount Rushmore’ canceled: ‘Not on my watch’

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem took a stand on Saturday against woke ESPN analyst Jalen Rose who tried to cancel Mount Rushmore earlier last week because he […]

Man behind Alex Jones trial meme drops hilarious Clinton hostage video and THEN goes one better

A comedian has gone viral for the hilarious Alex Jones- and Hillary Clinton-related troll he pulled. The trolling began Thursday, when comedian Damon Imani posted a mashed-up […]

Christina Pushaw explains why she has no time for Orwellian euphemism ‘gender-affirming care’

In a big win for conservatives, on Friday the Florida Board of Medicine voted to begin the process of banning transgender hormone treatments for little children. “After […]

Bodega worker Jose Alba reportedly flees NYC after stabbing attacker: ‘He’s afraid for his life’

The New York City bodega worker who was arrested and temporarily charged with second-degree murder for stabbing a customer who’d attacked him has reportedly left NYC and […]

Shock poll: New survey claims Biden OR VP Harris beat Trump, with DeSantis faring even worse

A new poll essentially flips the script for the upcoming presidential race and projects President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris as the winner if the […]

Unmasked ‘climate warrior’ Justin Trudeau, family take private jet to vacation in Costa Rica

Self-described climate change/global warming fighter Justin Trudeau is being called out for hypocrisy after he and his family were seen disembarking from a private jet without the […]

British boy, 12, dies hours after taken off life support after parents lose legal battle to keep him alive

A 12-year-old British child, Archie Battersbee, was removed from life support and left to die on Saturday after his family lost a legal battle to keep him […]

NFL accused of ‘hit job’ by agent of former Raiders head coach Jon Gruden

The longtime agent for former Super Bowl-winning NFL head coach Jon Gruden spoke out about what he called a “hit job” to run his longtime client out […]

Kamala Harris called on to break 50-50 deadlock, advance so-called Inflation Reduction Act

America received another stark reminder on Saturday that elections have consequences as the U.S. Senate, with all Republicans voting no, moved forward on the oddly, if not […]