MSNBC analyst spews hate: ‘Today’s Republicans are fascist,’ want to ‘literally dismantle the Constitution’

MSNBC analyst Fernand Amandi pushed more hatred on Saturday, calling Trump candidates and the America First project fascist, accusing conservatives of wanting to strip Americans of their […]

Musk lays out his conditions for moving forward with Twitter buyout

Free speech absolutist Elon Musk proposed a simple solution to the current stalemate between him and Twitter related to his $44 billion buyout offer for the social […]

Maher challenges ‘Orwellian’ fat acceptance movement: ‘At some point, acceptance becomes enabling’

Political satirist Bill Maher raised an eyebrow at the “disturbing new trend going on in America these days” that has people transitioning from a culture of “fat […]

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Food banks already concerned about inflation’s impact on growing food insecurity this fall, winter

The ramifications of President Joe Biden’s economic policies continue to ripple out and while his administration touts small measures to provide “breathing room,” there are serious concerns […]

Abortion doc implies lawmakers shouldn’t make abortion laws because don’t have ‘medical licenses’

An Alabama abortion doctor attempted to put GOP state officials in their place by lecturing them about being unqualified to pass a ban because they aren’t medical […]

Despite all evidence to the contrary, NYT’s Maggie Haberman claims Trump ‘fears’ DOJ probe

Corporate media is ever so fond of rolling out “experts” to pontificate on matters they couldn’t possibly speak to with certainty and the latest such instance had […]

Maher mocks Gavin Newsom’s freedom ads: ‘I have felt freer in Florida’

In response to California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recent advertisement run in Florida, comedian Bill Maher recognized the political dichotomy between uber-liberal California and conservative Florida and concluded […]

‘He ain’t Latino!’ Actor John Leguizamo leads outrage over Fidel Castro casting choice

Actor John Leguizamo’s one-dimensional response of “He ain’t Latino!” after learning who had landed the role of the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in an upcoming film showed […]

‘Trump, DeSantis, Cruz’: CPAC attendees happily share their top picks for 2024

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) kicked off on Friday with a slew of highly opinionated attendees who weighed in on what their ideal Republican White House […]

Dems won’t commit to supporting Biden in 2024, call for nebulous ‘new generation of leadership’

A number of Democrats are now openly saying they will not support President Biden for reelection in 2024 while others waffle over commitment, opting instead to seek […]

‘Duck Sauce Killer’, who allegedly gunned down deliveryman over condiment, commits suicide

The “Duck Sauce Killer” Glenn Hirsch, who allegedly killed a Chinese delivery man over a long-running feud about condiments, has reportedly committed suicide ahead of a court […]

ESPN analyst takes exception to ‘Mount Rushmore’ term, says the monument built ‘on top of dead bodies’

ESPN analyst Jalen Rose took aim at one of America’s most enduring and beloved symbols when he called for the cancelation of Mount Rushmore as a reference […]

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