‘Fate of life on Earth is at stake’: CNN’s Bill Weir touts ‘uprising’ among climate alarmist DC staff

(Video: CNN) CNN’s climate correspondent Bill Weir declared Tuesday that the “fate of life on Earth is at stake” as than 200 congressional and government bureaucrat […]

Scientists develop chewing gum that could help limit the spread of COVID

Scientists are developing a breakthrough product that could eventually serve as a protective measure against COVID, a chewing gum that they hope will be able to reduce […]

Iowa school district allows students to spend overnight trips with whichever gender they identify with

Reagan Reese, DCNF An Iowa school district policy allows students to spend overnight trips with the students who their “gender identity.” The discrimination policy at Linn-Mar […]

Candace Cameron Bure calls JoJo Siwa to apologize and find out why she called her ‘rudest celebrity’

(Video Credit: Candace Cameron Bure) “Full House” actress Candace Cameron Bure was shocked and profusely apologized when a TikT video from singer/dancer JoJo Siwa went viral calling […]

Florida school board member disgusted by pornographic books in libraries, demands disciplinary action-

(Video: Fox News Digital) After a Florida father’s interaction with a school board went viral over the seemingly all too common presence of pornographic material within school […]

‘Imagine an Aspen airlift!’ Tucker has brilliant idea for boosting diversity in white Dem resort towns like Martha’s Vineyard

(Video: Fox News) Tucker Carlson has an interesting idea. many Americans, he came to the fascinating conclusion that although prominent members of the American Left advocate […]

‘Life on earth is at stake’: CNN correspondent suggests Biden use military to produce electric vehicles

Laurel Duggan, DCNF CNN correspondent Bill Weir suggested that the Biden administration mobilize the military to produce electric vehicles and claimed “life on Earth was at stake” […]

Ben Shapiro: The Chinese know we’re in Cold War II. It’s time for us to understand the same.

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. This week, the Chinese government announced its fierce opposition to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, […]

Trump gets tougher, proposes housing homeless in ‘high-quality tents’ on the ‘outer reaches of cities’

(Video Credit: Newsmax) Former President Trump gave a speech at the America First Policy Institute on Tuesday, proposing “high-quality tents” for the homeless on the “outer reaches […]

Trump’s defense secretary testifies there was no order from the president to deploy National Guard on Jan 6

The January 6 committee’s latest attempt at a sming gun appeared to only further cloud the facts Tuesday when the testimony of former acting Defense Secretary Christopher […]

Michelle Malkin: The commie colonization of America

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. From California to the New York island, from the Redwood Forest to the Gulf stream waters, […]

Mayor Pete mocked for touting US transportation as boozy Slip ‘N Slide twerk party rages on NYC subway

(Video: Fox News) The New York City subway system is fraught with violent crime, vagrancy, fare jumpers, and rodents, among its various attributes. As if that wasn’t […]