Uvalde shooter’s mom confronted by victim’s family: ‘My son was a coward… I’m sorry – no right to judge!’

The mother of the Uvalde mass shooter ran into the family of one of her son’s victims and a tense and heartbreaking scene ensued, complete with a […]

Saying ‘nobody does anything about violent crime in LA,’ Joe Rogan jokes about shooting the homeless

The woke cohort is once again upset with Joe Rogan after leftists took literally a satirical or sarcastic comment about “shooting” the homeless. In a viral clip, […]

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz: ‘America has become unsafe’ … store closures ‘just the beginning’

 (Video Credit: Yahoo! Finance) Interim Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is warning that many more stores are going to close because “America has become unsafe,” following the […]

CNN polling shows that few like Biden, which proves to be more than some on the left can bear

You have to hand it to CNN. They’ve done their level best to make the most of what they were given — and they were given Joe […]

DHS chief Mayorkas ridiculously claims border ‘is secure’ amid illegal immigrant tsunami

(Video Credit: Fox News) Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas had the unmitigated nerve to claim the southern border “is secure” while Border Patrol agents face […]

Matt Walsh tells women who don’t want children to ‘control yourself’ and libs lose their minds

(Video: The Daily Wire) There are some things that are so straightforward that it becomes easy to take for granted their simplicity, that is until entire movements […]

‘Beautiful inside and out’: Trump speaks fondly of ex-wife Ivana ahead of her funeral

Former President Donald Trump spoke fondly of his ex-wife Ivana Trump, who died at 73 last Thursday from apparent blunt impact injuries sustained in a home accident. […]

Stephen Miller: Unchecked migration killing middle class; 1 of 4 American kids have foreign-born parent

(Video: Fox News) As an epilogue to Tucker Carlson’s editorial about mass illegal immigration allowed by the so-called uni-party, Stephen Miller provided some extraordinary demographic and economic […]

‘He broke the law!’: Harpies on The View attack good Samaritan who took down IN shooter

Elisjsha Dicken, the 22-year-old who saved countless lives on Sunday after neutralizing a mass shooter with his handgun, is by all sane measures a true hero in […]

Lindsey Graham agrees to accept subpoena in GA 2020 election ‘fishing expedition’

An effort to get Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) to testify before Georgia’s version of the Jan. 6 committee drew one step closer Tuesday when legal documents were […]

NASCAR legend Richard Petty fighting to save racing industry from the EPA’s ‘woke’ actions

(Video Credit: Fox News) Racing legend Richard Petty is teaming up with the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) to support a bill that would shield the racing […]

Awkward Miami ‘Guns 4 Ukraine’ buyback program produces 167 guns for up to $150 a pop

A Miami city commissioner with his eyes on Congress orchestrated a gun buyback in South Florida with aims of putting those firearms in the hands of Ukrainians […]

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