Armed man arrested after threatening to kill Rep Pramila Jayapal, yelling profanities outside her home

(Video Credit: FOX 13 Seattle) Saturday night, an unhinged armed man allegedly yelled profanities outside of Squad member Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s Washington home while telling her […]

‘LATINX YOU BIGOT’: Jill Biden’s weak apology for taco insult fails to quell anger and mockery

(Video Credit: Fox News) First lady Jill Biden issued a lame apology on Tuesday via Press Secretary Michael LaRosa for insulting Latinos comparing them to “breakfast tacos” […]

Jeanine Pirro believes Elon Musk will acquire Twitter ‘for a lot less’ than what he offered

(Video Credit: Fox News) The Five’s co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro predicted that Elon Musk will wind up purchasing for much less than originally offered after the […]

MSNBC panel laments ‘very specific’ Christianity of SCOTUS; warns Lauren Boebert’s worldview leads to ‘witch trials’

MSNBC contributor Elie Mystal, in true hyperbolic fashion, said Monday that U.S. rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) maintains a worldview that could lead to “witch trials.” His comment […]

Third radio host bolts from Spanish-speaking station in Miami before Soros-linked takeover

The iconic Miami-based, Spanish-language Radio Mambi radio station has a problem—it’s hemorrhaging its most popular conservative radio hosts ahead of an impending hostile takeover of the station […]

‘Mission accomplished!’ Randi Weingarten slammed for whining about classrooms being ‘too politicized’

Teachers Union President Randi Weingarten was thrashed on social media for her utter lack of self-awareness evidenced in a tweet she sent out Monday whining that schools […]

Majority of Democrats and young voters want to see the Supreme Court abolished, poll finds

A majority of Democrat voters say the Supreme Court should be abolished for its racist and misogynistic practices, according to a recent poll commissioned by the Heartland […]

Hunter Biden could face prostitution charges as escort scandal grows, but that’s hardly the worst of it

(Video Credit: Sky News Australia) Hunter Biden is now reportedly staring down the barrel of possible federal sex-trafficking charges after allegedly transporting hoers across state s in […]

Ohio AG tells Jesse Watters ‘not a whisper’ that a 10-yr-old child was impregnated by rape

President Joe Biden has told some whoppers in his day, but his latest is a real doozy. At a press conference, the president to the opportunity to […]

Alaska primary possible bellwether for GOP

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. I recall a profound comment from a friend in Anchorage just after George W. Bush’s inauguration […]

Iran upgrades enrichment technology at Fordow nuclear facility

Micaela Burrow, DCNF Iran unveiled new technology at the Fordow nuclear facility, announcing uranium enrichment levels up to 20% purity, Reuters reported Saturday. A UN International Atomic […]

Chinese officials will soon strap electronic monitoring bracelets to Covid patients

Philip Lenczycki, DCNF Hong Kong’s Ministry of Health announced it will soon require COVID-19 patients to wear electronic monitors as the pandemic continues to spread throughout China, […]

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