Pushaw rips USA Today disinformation reporter over debunked DeSantis hit piece pushed by Stephen King

Democrats are obviously terrified of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), taking every opportunity they can to smear him including recycling disinformation that was previously debunked by fact-checkers and […]

Mayor Lightfoot blasted as ‘epicenter of toxic politics’ after denouncing ‘toxicity in public discourse’

(Video: Fox News) Mayor Lori Lightfoot of lawless Chicago, a far-left Democrat who is very fond of dropping F-bombs on those with whom she disagrees politically, is […]

Bette Midler faceplants for SECOND time in a week with ‘racist,’ photoshopped Supreme Court image

Actress Bette Midler just can’t catch a break this week, going from transphobic to Islamophobic in her tweets and getting slammed by leftists all over the place, […]

4th of July Mayhem: Minneapolis mimics warzone as people shoot fireworks at cars, buildings, people

Things got more than a little out of hand in downtown Minneapolis for the 4th of July as more than 1,300 calls were taken by 911 operators […]

NYC bodega owner attacked over bag of chips jailed for murder over stabbing caught on video

A clash over chips late Friday night reportedly has led to a murder charge against a Manhattan bodega owner in an alleged fatal stabbing incident caught on […]

Hypocrite Gavin Newsom visits Montana for Fourth of July R&R after issuing LGBTQ+ travel ban

Calling out leftist hypocrisy never grows old. The latest example comes courtesy of serial offender Gavin Newsom, the ultra-leftist governor of ultra-left California, who decided to spend […]

‘It’s not funny, they’re destroying this country’: Pirro rebukes Gutfeld’s lofty migrant ‘replacement theory’

(Video: Fox News) An exchange between Fox News cohosts Jeanine Pirro and Greg Gutfeld grew tense on Tuesday’s edition of “The Five” when a lighthearted take on […]

Trump looks to sue former FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok, Lisa Page; comes up empty in 6 tries to serve papers

Former President Donald Trump is intent on suing former FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page who contributed to smearing him during the Russia collusion hoax, but […]

Queer-owned Philly business shut down by staff for not being woke enough, called ‘gentrifiers’

A west Philadelphia coffee shop that one website described as a “queer haven” has reportedly shut its doors because it apparently was insufficiently woke to suit its […]

Survivor of Mao’s cultural revolution warns of public school indoctrination: ‘The country I love is becoming the country I left’

(Video: Fox News) New Hampshire Republican candidate Lily Tang Williams knows firsthand the evil of communism and issued a dire warning that through indoctrination in schools, “the […]

‘I held my son’s broken skull and brain’: IN mother sounds warning over boy’s fireworks-related death

Every Fourth of July, there’s another heartbreaking story about a horrible tragedy involving fireworks. This time it’s an awful story from Indiana, where one mother describes the […]

‘I don’t want to help him’: Joe Rogan reveals he has rejected multiple Trump interview requests

Joe Rogan revealed his true feelings about former President Donald J. Trump, stating that he refuses to have him on his popular Spotify podcast because he doesn’t […]

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