Crosby, Stills, & Nash bashed when their tunes resurface on Spotify 5 mos after cancelling themselves

Following leftist rocker Neil Young out the door in protest over Joe Rogan’s massively popular podcast, Crosby, Stills, & Nash has returned to Spotify a mere five […]

Philly mayor rails against guns, says he’ll be happy to leave office and finally ‘enjoy some stuff’

(Video Credit: NBC10 Philadelphia) Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney may see the conservative writing on the wall as his Second Amendment-hating leadership has led to skyrocketing crime in […]

Retired NYPD detective says ‘fed up’ rank and file are fleeing the force, no one has their backs

(Video: Fox News) Retired NYPD detective Jason Caputo told the hosts of “Fox & Friends First” that New York’s police officers are fleeing the force for “greener […]

‘How’s this not bigger news!?’ Leftists fall for Russian state TV pondering whether to ‘re-install Trump’

It would appear that Russian state media is seizing on American liberal talking points to stir the political pot in the country, invoking the argument that Russia […]

Climate change activists glue themselves to 200-year-old masterpiece in London’s National Gallery

“The Hay Wain” is one of the most famous and beloved artworks in the United Kingdom. The painting was completed in 1821, and for 200 years it […]

Highland Park mayor urges people to dismiss shooter’s creepy social media posts, goes all in for gun ban

(Video Credit: TODAY) The mayor of Highland Park, IL, where the horrific mass shooting at a 4th of July parade took place leaving six dead and over […]

Employee dismayed after he was fired for not doing his job to ‘mourn’ Roe v Wade

One former employee of Universal Music Group learned that sometimes being woke has consequences, a lesson it appears he is none too happy about. Michael Lopez was […]

Romney goes full RINO for July 4th, praises ‘good guy’ Biden and dumps on Trump in pathetic op-ed

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, decided to mark this year’s Independence Day with a divisive op-ed that lauded President Joe Biden as a “good guy” while ripping former […]

Macy Gray sends left into a tailspin with unfiltered take: ‘Changing your parts doesn’t make you a woman’

(Video Credit: Piers Morgan Uncensored) Singer Macy Gray unabashedly told host Piers Morgan in a no-holds-barred interview that she doesn’t support transgenders competing against biological women in […]

‘Don’t make us boycott!’ Left eats its own when Bette Midler rages against women being ‘erased’

Aged actress Bette Midler may have inadvertently whacked a hornet’s nest with her latest Twitter diatribe that hurt the feelings of the noisy but minuscule demographic that […]

More details unfold about mass shooting suspect and his family: ‘Too many warning signs to count’

The suspect in the deadly Independence Day shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, in which 6 were killed and dozens injured, turns out to be a 22-year-old rapper […]

‘Furious’ Illinois Dems rally for gun control following parade shooting: ‘We have to get rid of assault weapons’

(Video Credit: CNN) Following the horrific slaughter at the Highland Park Fourth of July parade, Illinois Democrats immediately pounced on the mass shooting to grandstand and promote […]