Pro-choice protesters using map created by UGA professors to target pro-life clinics

Radical anti-abortion groups such as Jane’s Revenge are reportedly using a map provided by two Univerisity of Georgia professors to target pro-life crisis pregnancy centers in the […]

Father delivers beating 3-year-old son’s alleged killer in courtroom

(Video: WXIX) An Ohio father reeling from the loss of his three-year-old son and the child’s mother aimed to issue forth his own justice against the alleged […]

Suspect in custody after shooting at Illinois WeatherTech warehouse kills 1, injures 3

(Video Credit: ABC 7 Chicago) An early Saturday morning shooting at a Bolingbro, Illinois WeatherTech warehouse resulted in two people being injured, one person being killed and […]

MSNBC host grills California Lt. Gov on calls to defy SCOTUS: ‘Are you calling on people to break the law?’

 (Video Credit: MSNBC) In an interview on MSNBC on Friday, California Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis urged Americans in red states to travel to the democratic stronghold […]

Fmr Planned Parenthood director lays blame for Roe reversal: ‘The left has done this to themselves’

(Video: Fox News) The platform for the Democratic Party has grown exceedingly progressive over the years and now, faced with a massive defeat from the Supreme […]

Maher reveals the issue that could help Trump sweep 2024 if he ‘could just let go of the election’

Comedian Bill Maher contended that former President Donald Trump may have a path back into the Oval Office in 2024 if he could just shake off his […]

As America battles over Roe ruling, Biden signs biggest gun control law in 30 years

President Joe Biden capped off a miserable week for Democrats by signing the bipartisan gun control bill into law, an accomplishment that couldn’t have happened without the […]

DOE to cancel $6B in student loan debt for 200,000 borrowers in fraud settlement, but left wants more

President Biden’s Department of Education has decided to forgive $6 billion in federal student loan debt to approximately 200,000 borrowers who claim they were defrauded by mostly […]

Comedian helps Burger King employee with 27 years of perfect attendance, GoFundMe shoots past $100K

After recognition of a Las Vegas fast-food worker’s 27 years of dedication left much to be desired, one comedian’s decision to step up inspired hundreds of others […]

Ned Ryun rips AOC: ‘You expect stupid people to say stupid things, and Comrade Cortez never disappoints’

 (Video Credit: Fox News) Conservative activist Ned Ryun skewered Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for complaining about her piddly $174,000 Congressional salary and to a shot at […]

Report: Biden’s proposal to suspend gas tax may sound good, but will do virtually nothing

President Joe Biden’s call for Congress to suspend the federal gaso tax for three months may be good public relations for the deeply unpopular leader but in […]

Andrew Sullivan decries Biden’s radicalism, says America needs ‘someone who can find a center’

Self-proclaimed conservative author Andrew Sullivan told host Bill Maher on HBO’s “Real Time” Friday that President Biden is nowhere “near the center” on abortion or any other […]

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