Monica Crowley makes bold allegations against Dems amid economic & social turmoil: ‘This IS the plan’

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Monica Crowley charged that President Joe Biden’s administration and Democrats, in general, have been carrying out a plot to upend the country.

The leftist media and Democrats immediately called Crowley’s allegations wild and intimated she was crazy but she was explicit in her accusations describing the infiltration of major American pillars including the media, educational system, and the military. The conservative pundit referred to the KGB in Russia while making her points, bluntly tying the left to communists.

Crowley made her comments while speaking with Fox News host Steve Hilton on “The Next Revolution.” She asserted that Biden is not trying to correct course in the least even though his economic and national security policies have been catastrophic. That led to her logical conclusion that they are an “intentional,” “long-term project by the Left” to implement “a controlled demolition of the U.S. economy [and] a controlled demolition of the United States. Period!” Many Americans appear to agree with that assessment.

“You have to know what your enemy is and what they intend to do and what they are doing if you are going to counter it,” Crowley declared. “And I do use the word ‘enemy’ here, deliberately because it’s tough for most Americans to understand that their president and a whole major political party is intentionally destroying and crippling the United States. But that’s exactly what is happening here.”

“There’s no other conclusion,” Hilton solemnly agreed. “It’s hard to explain it any other way. I mean that sounds like an extreme reaction in some ways but what else is there to explain it all?”

“Where is this coming from, this desire to hurt the country?” Hilton asked Crowley.

“This has been a long-term project by the Left. It actually began in the 1930s and it came out of the KGB. It was originally a KGB operation to destroy the country, and then after World War II, the Soviets actually changed their tactics. And what they decided to do, and it’s been effective for many decades, is infiltrate and grab control of the major pillars of U.S. life. So they grabbed control of entertainment, culture, movies, television, music. They grabbed control of academia at the university level, and now it’s all the way shot down through kindergarten and even younger. And they grab control of the news media,” she charged.

It should be noted that the KGB was initiated in 1954 according to Wikipedia. It was a direct successor of preceding agencies such as the Cheka, GPU, OGPU, NKGB, NKVD, and MGB which served in a similar capacity for the communists conducting foreign intelligence, counter-intelligence, and secret police functions. The premise is still very plausible to many.

“So with those pillars, they’ve been able to inflict tremendous damage over many decades, and now Steve, we are at a tipping point where the useful idiots on the Left… The Soviet Union collapsed. The CCP then stepped in to take over this grand project to destroy the country from within,” Crowley continued.

“That is exactly what is happening. And now, when you’ve got useful idiots in the highest levels of power, including in the White House, including in Congress, you are seeing an acceleration of the tipping point. To the point where we’re almost at the point of no return,” she warned.

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15 thoughts on “Monica Crowley makes bold allegations against Dems amid economic & social turmoil: ‘This IS the plan’

  1. The D’rat Plan is one they modified from the Cloward-Piven Plan — overspend by government until things collapse and government takes over completely.

  2. Well, now for the republican party to state the obvious.

    There is a document called: “The Communist Takeover of America-45 Declared Goals” circulated in the 60’s around congress. It was pshawed by democrats and mainstream media, and of course, many republicans as they had already been cowed by accusations of “McCarthyism”.

    Read that document now and see how much of the goals are essentially complete and you’ll see McCarthy was right, and so is Crowley here. What makes me mad is, these people didn’t step up and call this out until its too late. Trump did…and thats why he was railroaded from office with many republicans proven to be compromised.

    Here’s the thing, a congressional landslide wont stop this. Congress didn’t cause this, albeit ObamaCare was the biggest blow to the republic in a long time. It’s Biden’s executive branch doing this. A republican congress cant do much about it, and that could flip the public who voted the republicans in, ignorant to the fact that it wont stop the intentional inflation. As it stands now, the most radical leftist legislation isn’t making it through congress and that wont change. Republicans wont have veto-proof majorities to pass anything that Biden cannot stop.

    Republicans will be viewed by the idiot population as failing to solve the problem. By 2024 we will be devastated as a nation and the population will see no solution in either party. We will be lucky to have a chance to vote in 2024 the rate this is going. We could be in a depression by then…I’m already there, mentally.

  3. Finally some are getting it. I’ve said all along, this is the plan! Too many so called Republicans are in on it.

  4. Now, if Tucker would only run with this and back it up with facts, I’d get the popcorn. He could start with clips showing when ALL of these Leftist/Socialists were questioned by republicans at their nomination hearings and couldn’t/wouldn’t answer ANY questions. MOST of them had Leftist/Socialist views but would hide/answer with the old “Well, that was what I believed last year, but that was last year” answer. I’d start with Sen. Kennedy and Hawley. They always had good sound bites at the hearings.

    1. About time BPR. There was no reason in hell this/my comment needed to be “awaiting approval”! ESPECIALLY with 9 out of ten comments on this site now being ACTUAL spam!

  5. Pay careful attention to people the Left attack as CRAZY! If they bother, it’s because that person is OVER THE TARGET!

    Monica has been reading my comments! She’s correct calling the Left the ENEMY! It’s imperative we IDENTIFY the enemy, and know they’re ensconced WITHIN!

    It’s not the “good ol boys” across the isle anymore. Wake Up Republicans!!!

  6. Well, I think that daffy Mr. bidet is about to bump into the SCOTUS, isn’t he? And long overdue in my humble opinion.

  7. She’s absolutely correct! It started here when Soros/DAVOS/NWO et al created Barry Obama and propelled him to victory. He created Antifa and BLM and he worked damn hard to sow racial division across the country. After 8 years of that b.s. we got Trump. A non-career politician who proved in 4 short years that nobody in America needs career politicians! They’ve all become billionaires while being “public servants,” they subvert our needs for their financial and political gains, and he exposed the Deep State / Swamp for who and what they are. Well Washington wasn’t having that, so here comes Joebama even though he’s old, racist, white supremacist, clueless, demented, and lies like a rug! It’s all planned, unfortunately the average American has the IQ of a toilet brush and they were easy to brainwash with constant TDS battering from the corrupt media.

    And one more truth: TRUMP WON! The demonrats screaming about the “big lie” doesn’t make it a lie. In fact, the more they scream, the closer we are to the truth.

  8. Exactly right Ms Crowley. The international left has seized control of all three branches of our government and is about to assimilate the United States into their dream of a borderless one government world with Islam as the policing force.
    It’s happening in plain view and no one intervenes except for Trump.

  9. Wait till Gen Z Millenials realize they will do as they’re told, watch what is allowed, play what is permitted and when, or else! There will be no room for their Seth Rogan-style slacking. They will work for the ‘state’. Their education will be woke and worthless. There are 2 billion Chinese waiting to come here and they will need sanitation workers, street sweepers and get a specific ration of bugs and rice

  10. Don’t forget, the Russians and the Chinese have been working together for a few decades. It may have been started by the KGB, but China has worked hard to finish it.

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