Christian graphic artist discusses Supreme Court case: ‘Government should not be censoring my deeply held beliefs’

(Video Credit: Fox News) A Christian graphic designer is taking her case on being forced to create sites for same-sex weddings all the way to the Supreme […]

Son of fmr LA Dodgers star Steve Sax among five Marines killed in helicopter crash

A tragic helicopter crash on Wednesday in California that left five Marines dead is hitting even closer to home for baseball fans after the victims were identified […]

82 New York City teachers accused of buying fake COVID vaccine cards deny charges, union up

Dozens of New York City teachers who have been accused of purchasing fake COVID-19 vaccine cards in an alleged scheme are denying they bought fraudulent cards, insisting […]

‘Do your jobs’: Viral video sparks debate over customers entering store minutes before closing

There are few topics as hotly contested in society as the expectations of employees in the service industry. Customer demands gave rise to the term Karen, one […]

TX rapper made song about robbing ATMs. Can you guess why he was arrested?

A Texas rapper posted a music video on YouTube where he rhymed about robbing ATMs, having loads of cash in the car, and just “praying that [they] […]

15-year-old arrested for allegedly bringing gun to school despite metal detectors at entrance

(Video: WLS-TV) As the corporate media narrative continues to promote infringements upon the Second Amendment in the wake of recent violent crimes, like the massacres in Uvalde, […]

Enraged mother of slain vet shreds Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg for cutting plea deals in case

The mother of an Army veteran who was stabbed to death in Harlem four years ago is blasting Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for deciding to cut […]

Blue-check Chinese state media account supports Michael Moore’s rabid gun-grabbing take

(Video: MSNBC) Gun-grabbing leftist propaganda monger Michael Moore’s latest call for stripping law-abiding Americans of their right to bear arms has caught the attention of the ideological […]

Starbucks cites safety concerns as reason to reconsider ‘open bathroom’ policy

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is reevaluating the coffee giant’s liberal “open bathroom” policy due to heightened concerns for customer safety in their coffee shops. “There is an […]

FBI warns it won’t tolerate ‘violence’ disguised as a ‘demonstration’ ahead of abortion decision

With the current term of the U.S. Supreme Court drawing to a close and a decision that could see the overturn of Roe v. Wade looming, the […]

Badass police sniper takes out man holding gun and kidnapped baby: ‘We’ve only got one shot at this!’

Body camera footage shows police in a standoff with a man who was holding a baby hostage and brandishing a gun, which ended in a sniper taking […]

Christian school teacher busted for allegedly sexting student, inviting him to her house

A Christian school teacher in Florida was arrested last week for enjoying some “extracurricular” activities with one of her students earlier this year. Julie Hoover, Point of […]

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