‘We are no longer free’: Message from condemned J6 protester is CRITICAL for every single American

While the members of the Democrat-stacked Select Committee on the so-called “insurrection” on January 6, 2021, will get their chance to bask in the glow of the media spotlight during the nationally televised spectacle of public hearings beginning Thursday, little attention will be paid to the protesters who have been rotting in a special D.C. jail after their protest that went badly awry.

One protester who has been caught up in the living hell that was unleashed by the Biden administration and congressional Democrats and who, despite making a plea deal is still being sent to prison, reached out to conservative podcaster Steve Deace of The Blaze with a heartfelt message about his situation as well as the state of the country in general, “we are no longer free,” he said. “this country WAS taken without firing a single shot.”

Deace posted the man’s message in a long Twitter thread that should serve as notice that the America that exists today is longer the “shining city on a hill” that long served as a beacon of hope to those abroad who were living under the heel of totalitarianism.

“I am going to post a note here I received this morning from a January Sixther. I will post it without comment. Feel free to read it and then come to your own conclusions,” Deace wrote as he introduced the thread.

“I listen to your podcast and I follow @julie_kellyz. It’s every bit as bad as she describes. I am a husband and father who has zero criminal history…. And I am looking at years in prison AFTER I took a plea,” wrote the condemned J6 protester.

“You may ask why would people take a plea if they are innocent? Innocent has nothing to do with this as my lawyer has told over and over again. This is payback. There are only a handful of representatives in DC that care about us. The vast majority couldn’t care less,” he added.

“They secretly despise Trump and anyone on the 6th as well. The DOJ knows this. There will be no reform of this government. There will be no going back. All there is now is the path ahead. But that path will never lead back to the country we once were,” he contended, suggesting that the political persecution of the J6 protesters has roots in the hatred of former President Donald J. Trump.

“I watched for 4 years as our government that I pay taxes for, try to impeach and even oust our president with sheer impunity. Hillary’s smearing stunt morphed into a coup that lasted Trumps entire term. Then I watched the election get stolen from the American people,” he said.

“So I went to DC to support the way I thought best. I wasn’t violent, I didn’t break anything, I didn’t steal anything and that doesn’t matter. I lost my 6 figure income, friends, and my family is a wreck. I had the FBI in my home, I was brought before a judge in shackles,” he continued, describing the ruin that the government has visited upon himself and his family.

“And I am a lucky one. I got to remain free till sentencing. So this is the country that I now live in. Where the powerful few can attack an elected president attempting to removing him for 4 years and where elections no longer matter,” he added, calling it as he sees it.

“We are no longer free. And this country WAS taken without firing a single shot. Guns are meaningless at this point. It was the First Amendment that people should have been fighting for the most,” he said, lamenting the death of free speech.

“I am now barely making a living doing manual labor for just over minimum wage until my sentencing is over. I was threatened with 20 years in prison, something only murderers face. We couldn’t change the venue and none of the motions to dismiss were accepted,” suggesting that there is no way for J6 protesters to get a fair trial in D.C.

“So, at the pleading of my wife, the extreme bias of DC and it’s “jury pool of my peers” and advice from my lawyer, I destroyed a part of me and signed a paper full of exaggerations, lies and more importantly a narrative that fits what they want.”

“I am a Christian and somehow I feel damned. I lied to save my family. My pastor tells me about rehab but it doesn’t help. I don’t look at myself in the mirror anymore. A part of me is dead now. I now wake up longing for the Lord to take me,” a sad admission of his loss of hope.

“January 6th was a dark day. There was violence by some, that’s reprehensible. No one should have broken anything or stolen anything or hurt anyone. Having said that, January 6th should be remembered as the last outburst from people who were sick of the coups against Trump…” he said. “The lies about Russia gate, the double standard of the Bidens and how they obtained their wealth compared to the treatment of Trump, the double standard of BLM rioters and everyone else…”

“The forced LGBTQ pumped into our children minds at school while trying to shut out God at every corner, the endless wars, the celebrations of abortions, the government spending that has put children not even born into life long debt, the list goes on…”

“This was the last cry out for the death of a nation. I don’t know what’s going to happen to my family while I’m gone for years. My wife has depended on me our whole marriage. She is the only woman I have ever been with, the only woman I have ever loved,” he said. “I hope she and my kids can make it without me. I am a J6er and I am going to prison.”

It is worth noting that there were was no sweeping federal response to round up Antifa and Black Lives Matter criminals during the summer of 2020 when cities were ransacked, burned and looted using the death of George Floyd as a excuse nor was a nationally televised Soviet-style show trial put on for their leaders, as if any more evidence is needed that there are two sets of rules in America today.

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23 thoughts on “‘We are no longer free’: Message from condemned J6 protester is CRITICAL for every single American

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  3. The fact that the US now has political prisoners (like communist China and Cuba) proves that America is no longer a democratic constitutional republic. It is a fascist dictatorship run by leftists and gobalists abusing their power to crush their political opponents. The FBI and the intel agencies serve as their Praetorian guard.

    Unless enough honest Americans who support our Constitution vote this November and in 2024 to overcome the massive voter fraud the Democrats will perpetrate, there will be no chance to reverse this tragic end of the United States of America.

  4. He confirmed what I have been saying. NONE of this could happen without corrupt Federal employees. They do not uphold our laws. The employees are running our country. Our Courts are pretend Justice. Our Legislators are a sham. The Federal employees have taken over DC and are running the show now.

  5. I’ve said it a million times and I will say it again.

    Let’s look at this odd situation logically. Most of the political prisoners are being detained without bond, some in isolation, and their court dates delayed for well over a year though most of them are guilty of misdemeanors, although charged with felonies (easily dismissed). These prosecutorial tactics with the implicit approval of the judges are typical tricks of prosecutors in order to elicit a guilty plea bargain, in this case for the bogus serious felonies.

    Any serious defense attorneys could remedy this situation in so far as the legal system has established venues for eliminating prosecutorial/court misconduct. These are: change of venue, writ of reduction of bond, writ of habeas corpus, and ultimately writ of mandamus. It’s a slam dunk victory. That this has not taken place leads me to believe that the court-appointed attorneys are working hand in glove with the prosecution to squeeze guilty pleas out of their clients, a common occurrence, by the way. Especially with attorneys who are ideologically in sinc with the prosecution.

    What needs to happen is that the court appointed attorneys be dismissed and a pro bono attorney step up to help out.  There has to be an attorney out there who will do it. The attorney would receive great publicity for future clients.

    1. Millions of patriotic Americans who support our constitutional democratic republic would gladly contribute to a legal fund to help these political prisoners. After that, we should ensure that all of the traitors to our Constitution who are abusing their power to punish Americans for their political beliefs are severely punished. Life in prison should be the minimum sentence.

  6. All we can hope for is they all pardoned and records expunged in Jany 2025.

  7. F our federal government! I can’t wait for the next civil war to start when we can drag these MF’ers out into the street and deal with them for real.

  8. Either Desantis or Trump in ’24, at a minimum. Really should be a Bannon type who would go in and purge the Swamp from DC with the full power of the laws. The Clappers, the Brennans, the Stroks and the Pages, the Comeys and the Christopher Rays, along with Schiff, Pelosi, and Hillary should all be indited and prosecuted and the non-violent Jan 6ers pardoned and restituted.

    Words are ineffective, dust in the wind. Illegal power MUST be responded to by the rule of Law. And if corrupt judges block the rule of law, impeach them.

    Climate change isn’t ‘existential’ but re-establishing the rule of law as foundational to our nation is.

    PS We are so weak as a divided and deflated nation that China isn’t attacking because they would experience less collateral damage if they just let us implode.

  9. There’s really only one way that the liberals and the dumacrats should be dealt with and I think we all know what it is!!!

  10. The Democrats and the Jan. 6 committee are breaking the law and turning the Department of Justice and the FBI into the Administration’s “Gestapo” in the process and legitimizing the prosecution of their perceived political enemies. This is what is done in China, in Russia, and in third world Dictatorships. Witness the public arrests and prosecutions that have been happening for years: Roger Stone, General Flynn and now Peter Navarro. Yet the real criminals like Michael Sussmann, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are acquitted or never indicted. James Clapper and John Brennon (who both lied to Congress under oath) were never held accountable and got lucrative gigs on CNN. I could go on and on.

    This administration has destroyed the rule of law in this country and weaponized all the three letter agencies (the IRS, the CIA, the FBI, the EPA, the DOJ and even the DOD) against anyone who disagrees with his radical Socialist and ant-white, anti-family and anti-Christian agenda. Homeland Security even tried to institute their dystopian “Board of Disinformation” in clear violation of the First Amendment. The mainstream media and all the big Tech “censors” support this insanity. The fact that we still have dozens of Americans locked up unconstitutionally in a D.C. gulag, on trumped up trespassing charges for over a year and a half with no due process or bail should enrage every American. Now they will be libelously charged with “sedition”. I say the Jan. 6 committee members are the real seditionists. At the same time, real criminals are released every day with “no bail” back onto our city streets. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris openly supported the “defund the police” and “no bail” policies. In violation of multiple Federal laws they have left our border wide open to terrorists, criminals, cartels and limitless Chinese made Fentanyl that literally kills a hundred thousand Americans every year. I don’t know if there is a way back to “equal justice under the law” when it seems our entire government is deployed to crush anyone that opposes the ruling party.

    There is no more “equal justice under the law” in America and it is destroying our country.

  11. The corrupt Democrats and RINO’s have put the fear of God in every real patriot in America. People are immobilized and frightened to galvanize and stand up against this totalitarian regime, fearing repercussions for themselves and their families. There are a few brave souls speaking out but not enough to make a difference. We are truly in a battle of good vs evil.

  12. Notice: Civil war is scheduled to begin immediately following the 2022 mid-term elections, no matter which party wins. May God have mercy on our souls.

  13. Reading Mr. Deace’s comments infuriates me. The commucrats can now inflict this sort of unconstitutional abuse on ANYONE in the US, anytime they desire, without fear of consequences.

    These tribunals and the FISA courts are unconstitutional and should be abolished immediately.

    I wish that there was something meaningful that we could do to end this nightmare and restore the 1/06 victims to their productive lives.

    1. Amen. It’s terrifying and infuriating and we all feel helpless. Civil War is coming.

    2. Slight correction. They can inflict this abuse ONLY on conservatives with impunity.

  14. Free these people! We are not a communist country. Go after the real criminals at this administration, DOJ and the thugs that burned our cities down. #FJB # FNP

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