Pizza Hut pushes book about ‘drag kids’ to children as young as pre-k; backlash is swift and hot!

Pizza Hut has gone fully woke and is facing a boycott after it featured a highly controversial book with a little boy who dresses in drag that […]

‘Send help for my teacher, she is shot but still alive,’ Uvalde victim told 911 while cops waited outside

The top law enforcement officer in charge during last week’s massacre at a Texas elementary school did not have his police radio with him when he arrived […]

FBI cuffs, shackles Trump adviser Peter Navarro, arrested for not bowing to Jan 6 committee: ‘It’s terrorism, it’s coercion’

  (Video Credit: ABC News) Former Trump adviser Dr. Peter Navarro was outrageously arrested and handcuffed at a Washington, D.C.-area airport just one day after vowing to […]

No excuse: Uvalde commander had no radio, but other first responders could hear the 911 calls

(Video Credit: CNN) Texas State Sen. Roland Gutierrez unleashed a jaw-dropping admission about the lack of communications at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas where the community […]

Overdoses went through the roof after Oregon voted to decriminalize all drugs

When it comes to the failures of unfettered liberalism, there are no better examples than the three states that comprise the west coast of the United States […]

Famous WaPo ‘crybully’ reporter Taylor Lorenz called out over false claim about Depp-Heard trial

Controversial Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz found herself at the center of yet another firestorm after two YouTubers whom she claimed to have reached out to for […]