MSNBC’s Cross fields panel of white women to bash less-educated Republican-voting white women

Known MSNBC bigot and racist Tiffany Cross teamed up with three far-left white women Saturday to denigrate and excoriate white women, claiming that they deserve blame for […]

Rosanna Arquette claims conservative SC justices are a ‘satanic force’ enabling ‘organ trafficking’ market

The great Twitter fever swamp that is inhabited by leftist moonbats has been boiling over this week in the aftermath of a leaked Supreme Court document that […]

Book in NYC schools: Whites ‘sorted people by skin color and said white people were better’

Another example of Critical Race Theory being promoted in public school education was brought to light after New York City parents voiced their concerns over a children’s […]

Missing prison guard may be dressed as old woman, ‘lover’ and murderer as woman in wheelchair: Grace

If you recently spotted a disturbingly ugly and tall woman in a wheelchair being wheeled around by an elderly woman, you probably spotted accused Alabama murderer Casey […]

‘She hates Israel’: Biden’s new press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dinged for attacks on AIPAC, Netanyahu

Jen Psaki may soon be leaving the building but her replacement Karine Jean-Pierre is already being criticized over her apparent anti-Israel beliefs, yet another example of the […]

Trump on hand as late-entry longshot wins Kentucky Derby; hosts fundraiser in McConnell’s backyard

Following an historic longshot victory at the 148th running of the Kentucky Derby Saturday, the only thing garnering more attention than triumphant Rich Strike was former President […]

Guest shares suspicion of what caused mysterious death of three Americans at Bahama resort

CHECK OUT and for holiday gifts and awesome snarky swag! An American man who’s been staying at the building adjacent to the one where three […]

‘I’m killing the babies!’: Vile pro-abortion extremist mimics aborting children in front of NYC cathedral

Reasoned arguments and constructive discourse are means utilized by parties with opposing views who seek to find compromise or understanding. So, when witnessing the depraved scenes taking […]

Desperate parents, politicians blast absentee Biden for failing to lead on baby formula shortage crisis

The possibility that the Supreme Court will strike down Roe v. Wade has provided a convenient distraction for President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats who were […]

NC man fatally shot after throwing Molotov cocktail toward cops, setting police cruisers on fire

CHECK OUT and for holiday gifts and awesome snarky swag! Raleigh, North Carolina police officers on Saturday fatally fired upon a male suspect who’d allegedly […]

CBS chief contracts COVID after sitting next to Biden at WHCD ‘superspreader’ event, other cases climb

After more than two years of imposing restrictions and mandates, it took one swanky “superspreader” event, where a guest seated beside President Joe Biden tested positive for […]

Virginia AG puts pro-abortion leftists on notice over planned disruptions of Catholic worship services

Leftists who plan to invade Catholic parishes on Sunday to interfere with worship services by staging disruptive pro-abortion protests could pay dearly if Virginia Attorney General Jason […]

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