Lisa Boothe warns GOP, do not cave one bit to Dems on guns: ‘A disarmed population is easier to control’

(Source: Fox News) The proverbial warning that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it appears to be the message from Fox News […]

CNN’s Jim Acosta scolding NRA board member is cringy: ‘Isn’t this blood on your hands?’

(Video: CNN) CNN’s Jim Acosta flagrantly disregarded his own demands for decency as he chastised a board member from the National Rifle Association (NRA) while foisting blame […]

Fox’s Sandra Smith gets absolutely pounded by Mo Brooks when she spews liberal spin on election fraud

(Video Credit: Fox News Sunday) In a wild and fiery interview, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) got into a heated exchange with “Fox News Sunday” host Sandra Smith […]

BPR’s best cartoons: Some gave all

Cartoons of the day:  In case you missed it:

WNBA star accused of calling Nigerian players ‘monkeys’ before Tokyo Olympics finds new team

During a scrimmage leading up to last year’s Olympics in Tokyo, WNBA star Liz Cambage allegedly threw out a racial slur toward Nigerian national team members – […]

Justice Department to conduct ‘Critical Incident Review’ of Uvalde police response to school massacre

(Video: MSNBC) With questions continuing to be raised about the abject failure of the police response to the Texas elementary school shooting during which 19 children and […]

Ten-year-old Florida student arrested for threatening text about shooting up school, sheriff issues warning

A Florida Sheriff sent a clear message to his community and the nation Saturday when he arrested a 10-year-old boy and declared, “now is not the time […]

Biden’s visit to Uvalde on Sunday stoking ‘a lot of outrage’

(Video: CNN) As the grieving parents of murdered children mourn their dead, a circus atmosphere has descended upon Uvalde with media hordes swarming the town and President […]

Nancy Pelosi’s husband arrested for DUI in Napa, Twitter uncorks brutal response

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s multi-millionaire husband Paul Pelosi was arrested for driving under the influence late Saturday night near the couple’s sprawling Napa Valley estate, being taken into […]

MLB suspends player for slapping opponent over fantasy football: ‘F**ked with my money’

An MLB outfielder who slapped an opposing team’s own outfielder over a fantasy football argument has reportedly been suspended for three games. Tommy Pham of the Cincinnati […]

Crenshaw gets one right, rejects ‘guns are a problem’ push from CNN’s Dana Bash

(Video: CNN) Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R) has often proven himself to be a foil to the typical Republican voter despite his conservative protestations, but when it […]

GOP going soft on gun control? Sen. Durbin says he can ‘sense a different feeling among my colleagues’

(Video: CNN) Whether his claims were made in earnest or as part of an orchestrated narrative of political gamesmanship ahead of the midterm elections, Sen. Dick Durbin […]