Trey Gowdy: When will Americans summon the resolve to protect our children?

(Video: Fox News) As part of his weekend show monologue on “Sunday Night in America,” Fox News’ Trey Gowdy rhetorically asked when Americans will become resolved enough […]

BPR’s best cartoons: Before and After Biden — A Brief History

Cartoons of the day: In case you missed it:

Don Jr UNLOADS ‘sick truth’ about TX shooting, deteriorating society: ‘Always a f—ing excuse and zero accountability!’

Donald Trump Jr. let loose regarding his honest thoughts on the Uvalde massacre Saturday and bluntly asserted that it is a lack of accountability that is to […]

Six teens shot in Chattanooga as violence soars throughout country over Memorial Day weekend

For nearly a week, the vast machine comprised of corporate media and progressive politicians has been ensconced in demagoguery against the Second Amendment and, as their histrionics […]

911 calls, new details of ’77 gut-wrenching min’ of children trapped in Uvalde school: ‘Child is advising he is in the room’

Terrified children run from their school during a gunman’s rampage as a 911 dispatcher talks to a child trapped in the classroom with the gunman in a […]

Trudeau announces bill to ‘freeze’ handgun ownership in Canada: ‘We’re capping the market’

(Video Credit: CityNews) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau previewed a “dystopian future” for Canada on Monday, announcing a proposed ban on the sale, transfer, and importation of […]

‘Obsessed’ Dem impeachment lawyer slammed for using Memorial Day to trash Trump: ‘What an ass!’

On a day set aside for the solemn remembrance of those who paid the ultimate price to guarantee freedom, there are some who revel in their freedom […]

Biden sets sights on 9mm guns, declares ‘no rational basis’ for owning such ‘high-caliber weapons’

(Video Credit: MSNBC) President Joe Biden made an outlandish claim about 9mm guns on Monday, asserting that there is no “rational basis” for such high-caliber weapons for […]

Johnny Depp jams out with Jeff Beck in surprise UK concert appearance as he awaits trial verdict

Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance in the UK with rock legend and longtime friend Jeff Beck, jamming out onstage as he awaits the verdict in his […]

Pepsi out as Super Bowl halftime sponsor, can pole dancing, cop bashing performances be far behind?

Pepsi will no longer sponsor increasingly depraved, cop-hating Super Bowl halftime show but will remain NFL sponsor After ten years of sponsoring pole dancing, twerking, cop-hating, depraved […]

‘Time to sit down, you charlatan’: Parkland father slams David Hogg and his ‘BS’ ‘revisionist history’

While gun confiscation advocate and failed pillow entrepreneur David Hogg attempted to bask in the limelight of his tragedy-driven celebrity by taking credit for accomplishments he opposed, […]

NBC’s Chuck Todd mocks ‘thoughts and prayers’ after Uvalde school shooting, insists 2A right ‘doesn’t exist’

(Video: NBC News) Giving credit where credit is due, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd managed quite succinctly to sum up the debate on gun control, but perhaps not in […]