Biden whispers to Naval Academy grads: ‘I am your commander-in-chief so don’t ask me too tough a question’

Although White House politics have been grim since the loss of mean tweets and cheap gas, President Joe Biden has at least offered the American people something […]

Dramatic new photos of kids being rescued, shooter said ‘goodnight,’ played ‘sad’ music before firing, 11-year-old recalls

(Video Credit: CNN) One of the survivors of the Robb Elementary School shooting, Miah Cerrillo, told a reporter in an interview that the killer who slaughtered 19 […]

‘Forgive my son. I know he had his reasons’: Mom of school shooter asks for forgiveness

(Video: CNN) The mother of the deceased 18-year-old suspect held responsible for the massacre at a Texas elementary school Tuesday begged for forgiveness from the victims in […]

Trump hits Abbott at NRA convention for not showing up, then delivers the goods in Houston

Former President Donald J. Trump rejected calls to cancel his speech at the National Rifle Association convention in Houston which came only days after the murderous rampage […]

‘Am I next?’ Gun grabbers trot out the kids, rage against 2nd Amendment at NRA convention

The gun-grabbing political left trotted out youngsters who wore images of school shooting victims around their necks and held signs bearing slogans such as “Am I Next?” […]

Border Patrol agents defied orders, stormed in to kill gunman after local cops wouldn’t act, details revealed

As an official timeline coalesces in tandem with relayed instructions on scene outside the Texas elementary school Tuesday, federal officers are now detailing how they had defied […]