‘Like a Creepy Neighbor’: State Farm does 180 after whistleblower exposes transgender project for 5-year-olds

Insurance giant State Farm is getting publicity for all of the wrong reasons and is backtracking big time after a whistleblower leaked details about a “unique project” to help teach transgenderism to children as young as five-years-old, another example of how deeply the “woke” cancer has penetrated companies with some of America’s most identifiable and enduring brands.

According to an email provided to nonprofit watchdog organization Consumers’ Research, the company has partnered with the transgender activist group the GenderCool Project which identifies itself as an “inspiring disrupter” that promotes gender identity issues to children and their families, who have “never met a transgender or non-binary person” who “feel conflicted about what they read, see and hear.”

In the email which has been made public by Consumers’ Research as a part of their accountability campaign called “Like a Creepy Neighbor,” a member of State Farm’s management team encouraged Florida agents to donate three-book bundles on transgenderism to local schools and public libraries to get the material into the hands of young and impressionable minds that are the most susceptible to brainwashing, a demographic that is easy prey for groomers and their enablers.

The books, A Kids Book About Being Transgender, A Kids Book About Being Non-Binary, and A Kids Book About Being Inclusive, all promote the idea that gender transcends biological sex, an ideology that has spread like wildfire with the sanctioning of educational authorities, corporations, Hollywood and government.

Consumers’ Research Executive Director Will Hild took to Twitter where he posted a copy of the internal State Farm email as well as details about the books which can also be viewed on the organization’s website.

The nonprofit watchdog also produced an informative video which is also available on their website and is making the rounds on social media beginning with the familiar musical notes that are included with the insurer’s advertisements, many of them broadcast during sporting events that draw huge audiences.

(Video: YouTube/Consumers’ Research)

“State Farm tells us they’re a good neighbor, but would a good neighbor target five-year-olds for conversations about sexual identity?” Consumers’ Research asks.

“That’s what State Farm’s doing, asking employees to donate guides to being transgender to public schools, books aimed at making kindergartners question their identity, it’s textbook indoctrination.”

“These books don’t belong in elementary schools and State Farm shouldn’t be putting them there,” the video states.

Twitter users expressed their opinions over the leaked email that isn’t good news for the insurer’s brand in an ultra-competitive market where the tide is rapidly turning against “woke” corporate activism.

Even more disturbing? According to the letter, the transgender outreach program isn’t limited to the Sunshine State, it’s nationwide.

(Image: Screengrab/Consumer’s Research)

Sooner or later Corporate America is going to realize that “woke” politics are like a hot stove, touch it and get burned – just ask Disney.

UPDATE: State Farm seems to have gotten the message and has distanced itself from the groomers, according to a mass email to employees that was posted by Libs of TikTok in which the company states that it will no longer support GenderCool’s program and admits, “Conservations about gender and identity should happen at home with parents.”

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45 thoughts on “‘Like a Creepy Neighbor’: State Farm does 180 after whistleblower exposes transgender project for 5-year-olds

  1. First of all, thanks for the heads-up on this nonsense. With the info provided, I just spoke to my State Farm agent and gave her what-fer. When she tried tried to deflect about the “misinformation out there” I stopped her and made clear that the information was accurate, underscored by the company canceling the project. We ended civilly, but as a long-term customer I put her on notice that I was very upset and they should stick to their knitting. Still open to taking my business elsewhere. Lesson learned: SPEAK UP AND TAKE OUR CULTURE BACK!

  2. Why can”t corporations/businesses just sell their “TIHS”, stay out of the phony, virtue-signaling SJW “business”, and leave us all alone? They’ve obviously forgotten they exist to, first and foremost, make a PROFIT! Alienating their customer base with this disingenuous SJW “BS” is not going to help that happen. Remember…”Get woke, go BROKE!”

  3. What does this crap have to do with selling insurance, and who in the company thought this was a good idea?

  4. That’s why I say we have no hope for change except by force. This country has been taken over by corrupt politicians for over 45 years. Everyone one that in government from the past 45 years has baggage. They all need to be put on trial and investigated.i do home work …..https://www.workbz.com

    1. Yes! Actually, our country/culture was “taken over” by the radical Left of the 1960s, starting with the Leftist “takeover” of our universities, as with the “Students for a Democratic Society” (SDS), then with the radical Leftist feminist movement, and then with the radical civil rights movement….ALL founded with pro-socialist/communist sympathizers/followers/members. Now these people of the 1960s are the ones mostly holding the reigns of power in our institutions. No wonder that they are Democrats, and no surprise that they HATE Trump, a man who doesn’t fear them, who has exposed them, and who stands up to them and their tyranny.

  5. I knew there was more than one reason for not having or wanting State Farm Insurance!!!!

  6. Jakelyn from State Farm here to groom your toddler. We can also groom your home, auto and pets

  7. This is why Mercury is my Insurance company. No BS, just lower rates

  8. I worked for a large automotive dealership that also had a body shop and they hated dealing with State Farm! State Farm was always pushing for after market parts to be used because they were cheaper. The problem is they don’t fit as well as original parts from the companies that produced the vehicles and it would take more time to make them fit!

  9. What did I learn from this? Pushing back works. We need to keep it up. We are currently the majority voice. We need to get louder before they turn all our babies into blue haired, nose pierced chubby freaks who have zero to do with the less than one percent true transgender population.

  10. Just an fyi, two weeks ago State Farm emailed all its customers that it is going totally digital and you will no longer get paper policies. They will email then along with the bill. Thus they already had plans in place to reduce the size of the customer care, replacing the agents and their staffs.
    Talk about greed. They just dont make enough money do they.

  11. I just emailed my agent whom I’ve been with for a long time and explained I read the article, don not agree with what they are proposing to do nor do I believe companies should enter politics but just do what they do best and stay out of the social climate.
    I told him that in the Fall when my insurance is up for renewal I would be moving on due to my convictions this is wrong.
    I thanked him and told him I clearly understand this is a corporate decision and that it does effect his customers and I was sorry for that.

    1. Right? They couldn’t even change the name of the “New Jake” I should’ve see and noticed right then!

  12. Corporate America needs to be just that and get the hell out of any kind of activism.

  13. We, the customers, forced them to pull back. I along with so many others flooded the CS line and inbox, contacted our agents directly and complained.

    Quite a few customers canceled and moved their business elsewhere. Thousands more, more likely tens of thousands, threatened to leave unless there was immediate action.

    What happened here is a real time demonstration of the impact of a “boycott” by actual customers instead of by a handful of wokeholes.

    It is long past time the corporate schmucks learn that most of the wokeholes were never their customers and never will be their customers.

    1. Sorry to disagree with you but I am a customer whose trusts they losts and by them just reversing course is not good enough. I will be leaving in the Fall when my policy expires. Only then when it comes out they losts 10’s of millions in business, will these companies stop the woke movement and realize they will get their cans kicked.

  14. Too late state farm I don’t believe you changed your mind. These people are sick and demented. They really need help with thier mental illness. But of course it’s impossible to help someone who doesn’t think they are doing anything wrong. WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE????

    1. Ya I’m done with then in Oct of this year. Regardless of what they do, I’m moving on.

  15. They have not changed their spots, just won’t be so obvious in the future. More like “inflation is good for the country”, and the economy is great. Are you really buying it? If so, I have this bridge in New York for sale, a great investment!

  16. An oyster can spawn as a female one time and spread sperm as a male the next time. Bacteria reproduce asexually by cell division. Thank God (or Mother Nature) the Sapiens species of humans (homo) are born either male or female and reproduce sexually because that is why evolution has improved mankind over millions of years. Identify any way you want but you are either a male or female. Even a Eunuch is still a male. Would you rather be an Oyster? Or a bacteria?

  17. If you are a State Farm customer, you’re supporting this Grooming operation. You should be ashamed.

    1. Actually it is we, the customers, who forced them to pull back. I along with so many others flooded the CS line and inbox, contacted our agents directly and complained.

      Quite a few customers canceled and moved their business elsewhere.

      What happened here is a real time demonstration of the impact of a “boycott” by actual customers instead of by a handful of wokeholes.

      It is long past time the corporate schmucks learn that most of the wokeholes were never their customers and never will be their customers.

  18. Food for thought. I have never seen such a push to indoctrinate and groom children. The incredible part is they are doing this right in front of the public eye. So, I think it is a logical assumption that this is headed towards “normalizing MAP(minor attracted person).” Will they then push to release child rapists and molesters from prison?

    I’ve been a teacher for 30 years and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, this is grooming, pure and simple!

  19. State Farm has divulged its sick agenda, its abusive motivations, and its sneaky, underhanded ways. They can never be trusted again and certainly do not deserve any financial support. They have completely lost my business and I suggest others change their insurers ~ After due diligence, obviously.

  20. After more than 30 years with State Farm I will pull the plug. I will not support any company that wants to get involved in turning this country sideways to satisfy some whim. Our sex lives, our gender and orientation are nobody’s business. Shame on the LGBTQ Community for over doing this new found freedom. You are now and have always been free to do whatever you want, just leave us alone. I’m sure you’re getting those spousal employer benefits that started all this, so congratulations. You are pushing hard enough to make us your enemy.

  21. Growing up can be confusing enough. Now add this to the growing pains and mental health will suffer.

  22. I’ll bet all of the folks who bought into a State Farm agency, and have spent years building up their book of business, are really excited that corporate phucked them.

    You libs are seriously a bunch of filthy, f’ed up deviants.

  23. Ha ha ha. “ it will no longer support GenderCool’s program and admits, “Conservations about gender and identity should happen at home with parents.”

    Now you say this because you were exposed? I don’t think you can regain that trust until major changes are made with the decision makers of the company. Easy to say now they don’t support it after the hand was caught in the cookie jar. Who is to say, 6 months to a year from now, after the PR nightmare dies down a bit, that they don’t just continue their same initiative.

    As they say, be careful lifting the lid from Pandora’s box because, everyone knows that you can’t put it back once it’s removed.

  24. I saw a new state Farm Commercial this weekend. Still had Brad Paisley playing his guitar bot NO Peyton Manning. I guess Peyton, who has young children, was uncomfortable with the way State Farm is headed. Congratulations Peyton for standing up to them

      1. Yep, that was actually Nationwide that Peyton and Paisely did all the commercials for. There are so many insurance commercials these days though so it is easy to get them all mixed up.

  25. People who try to doom children to a life of questioning their own sexuality should be arrested. A human being will determine their own sexuality over time, on their own. There is no longer a stigma attached to being a homosexual. Trying to convince a child what they are is absolutely criminal.

    1. Oh please. Arrested? There are a lot worse things we can do to these people then that. One has to do with burning things inserted under the nails, the other…………………….

  26. Promote screwing with Mother Nature and the creator will send you right to hell!! You aren’t God and you will pay!! How about we take all the people at State Farm who have kids, take them away and surgically change them and let them parents put up with what will happen. Maybe a lifetime of hell with all the problems this will create, will teach them a lesson??? I would like the Names of those at State Farm who promoted this.

  27. I resent State Farm. I resent the woke movement. My Grandson needs to learn long division and grammar- not evil ideas that will confuse him and steal his innocence. You can’t talk about such things as “binary” without bringing in the kids’ question, “What is sex?” Not gender. The sex act that we use to describe as a man and woman making a baby, and that was it. This is evil.

  28. State Farm, you’ve got to be kidding? Why are you messing with my kids and grandkids? I’ve been with you for decades, and you are forcing me to go elsewhere if this remains in place. I’ve already left DirectTV for dropping OANN, now you go woke? Fire whomever made this decision at the top. Get rid of them and let me know. There is still competition in the insurance industry. You have always been outstanding, however this is too much!

    1. I just emailed my long time agent and told him I felt sorry for him and his business but that I had to live up to my convictions and leave in the Fall when all my policies expire. I’m sure agents across the country are going nuts right now with emails from disgruntled customers.

  29. Yep ! State Farm got busted. They won’t change, though. They’ll be more covert.
    Remember when they had a white kid wearing khakis doing commercials ?
    Then they switched to a black kid using the same name for the commercials.

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