MSNBC column on ‘insidious’ homeschooling reads like a conspiracy theory

An associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania for the Department of Religious Studies to a break from her broader attacks against evangelicals as racists to iver […]

‘Nobody asked for this’: TV series on Hillary Clinton in ‘alternative universe’ draws jeers

Fans of Hillary Clinton will be ighted to hear the news that an upcoming movie about the embittered, twice-failed presidential candidate is moving along and has reportedly […]

What disgraced FBI boss reportedly knew that got him tangled up in ex-Clinton lawyer’s trial

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has been sucked into the trial of ex-Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann after a court filing showed he knew the lawyer was […]

‘Hollywood isn’t America’: Singer Katy Perry details ‘amazing experience’ of living in Kentucky

Entertainer Katy Perry happened upon the reality that coastal elites and social media censors have been striving to ignore for years when she moved out of her […]

Mayor Lightfoot babbles about fighting ‘MAGA crowd’, Chicagoans beg her to fight crime instead

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) doubled down on her “insurrectionist” language after her “call to arms” earlier in the week by aiming her vitriol at the “MAGA […]

Ilhan Omar laughably claims GOP doesn’t ‘understand the constitution’ on abortion, free speech

(Video Credit: The Dean Obeidallah Show) Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) sat down for an explosive interview Friday with SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah, telling him that Republicans are […]

Lawmakers and their aides can now order alcohol to their offices, because THAT is what America needed

In yet another of the many perks of being an elected official in Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives, lawmakers are now able to order beer, wine and […]

China harvests organs from tens of thousands of living prisoners each year, activist tells Congress

By Philip Lenczycki, DCNF The Chinese government harvests tens of thousands of organs from prisoners each year, many of whom are living, according to expert testimony ivered […]

‘No one should be pro-abortion!’ Maher accuses Dems of moving away from ‘safe, legal and rare’

HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher smacked Democrats on Friday during his show for moving away from their former position of “safe, legal, and rare” on abortion […]

‘Would make the editors of Pravda blush’: Brian Stelter’s gushing Psaki farewell sets off social media

In a highly opinionated and, at times, almost wistful homage to outgoing White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s tenure, CNN’s Brian Stelter bid a fond farewell to […]

Texas court reinstates transgender ‘child abuse’ policy

By Laurel Duggan, DCNF Texas government officials can continue to investigate parents who transition their children to the opposite sex for possible child abuse, the state’s supreme […]

‘Just misdirection’: Jeff Bezos summons disinfo board to fact-check Biden’s tweet on inflation cure

As crises mount and President Joe Biden continues to deflect responsibility, an orchestrated unraveling of his administration may have already begun with corporate media slowly turning away […]

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