Dick Durbin breaks with WH, Dem leadership, calls protests at homes of SC justices ‘reprehensible’

In a rare moment of levelheadedness, Senator Dick Durbin has condemned protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices as “reprehensible.” “I think it’s reprehensible. Stay away […]

Gutfeld on new Florida law: ‘DeSantis takes on the world’s worst commies and has lefties crying’

(Video: Fox News) Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) has positioned himself at the frontline of the culture war and his latest take no prisoners move “has lefties crying” […]

Charles Payne on fire, says Yellen take on abortion, economy results in ‘near extinction of black people’

Payne blasts Yellen’s comments on abortion and economy: ‘Would mean the near extinction of black people in America’ (Video Credit: Fox & Friends) Fox Business financial analyst […]

Whoopi quick to defend Lori Lightfoot’s ‘call to arms’ rhetoric: ‘We in the ’60s know what that means’

  “The View’ co-host Whoopi Goldberg is downplaying Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s controversial “call to arms” statement as nothing more than recycled 1960s-era rhetoric. In the video […]

Here’s a list of Republicans who voted for and against $40B aid to Ukraine, aka ‘America Last’ spending bill

Many House Republicans side with Dems and vote for massive Ukrainian spending package as Americans suffer at home (Video Credit: Associated Press) Republicans in the House of […]

Chinese military surrounds Taiwan in massive ‘rehearsal’ of invasion plans

Philip Lenczycki, DCNF The Chinese military encircled Taiwan from the east and west, cutting the island off from American and Japanese forces during a large-scale war game […]

Biden’s ‘Minister of Truth’ says ‘trustworthy’ people should be able to ‘edit’ tweets, adding ‘fuller’ context

  Corporate media-controlled narratives, radical activist-approved curricula in schools, and snowflakes seeking shelter in the form of social media echo chambers have proven that infringements on free […]

Tucker demonstrates how new race-baiting spox is even worse than ‘shallow, nasty, and partisan’ Jen Psaki

  (Video Credit: Fox News) Fox News host Tucker Carlson shredded outgoing White House press secretary Jen Psaki as being “shallow, nasty, and partisan” on his show […]

Pro-abortion activists surround Pelosi’s house in bout of poetic justice

The pro-abortion set isn’t very happy with Nancy Pelosi these days. This is apparently why a small group of pro-choice picketers showed up in front of House […]

All 6 conservative SCOTUS justices now in crosshairs for ‘Walk-by Wednesday’ unlawful protests

The Left’s pressure campaign against conservative Supreme Court justices is just getting started. According to a report from Fox News, the far-left pro-abortion group calling itself “Ruth […]

Biden admin dragged feet on baby formula: If supply of ‘erectile dysfunction pills were at risk … ‘

Former Joe Biden fangirl Meghan McCain is calling out the federal government, particularly the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, for what she considers its shameful, disgraceful, and […]

Michelle Malkin: ‘Raise hell!’ The hunting of Texas campus conservative

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Most graduating college seniors in America are in high spirits this month as they prepare for […]