‘Happening all over the nation’: FL mom sues after daughter transitioned at school without consent

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(Video Credit: Fox News)

January Littlejohn appeared on “Fox & Friends First” Monday, to discuss the lawsuit she has filed against her daughter’s school after it held secret gender talks with her child, warning parents that children are transitioning in schools without consent across the country.

Littlejohn, who is also a mental health professional, appeared with her attorney, Vernadette Broyles, to talk about the lawsuit and the outrage she felt when the incident occurred.

“This is happening all over the nation,” Littlejohn warned. “This same protocol is in place in many, many schools across districts everywhere, and even the guides being used to dictate these transgender support plans that cut parents out even have the same language.”

“So this is a very systematic way that parents are being excluded from important decisions occurring with their children, and further, social transition is a medical intervention that schools are grossly unqualified to be taking these steps without parental involvement,” she asserted.

Littlejohn’s daughter was only 13-years-old when this happened. She went to her mother to tell her she was confused about her gender after several of her friends transitioned to the opposite sex during the pandemic.

The mother was horrified to find out that the school was reportedly working on a “transgender support plan” with her daughter and without her consent. When this first happened, the school refused to allow her to be involved, claiming her daughter was “protected by a nondiscrimination law.”

“Eventually we did see the transgender support plan, which was a six-page document that they completed with my daughter, that was 13 at the time behind closed doors, where they asked her questions that would have absolutely impacted her safety, such as which restroom she preferred to use and which sex she preferred to room with on overnight field trips,” Littlejohn stated.

Her story comes to light once again after Republicans sent a letter to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona following the attempted suicide of a 12-year-old girl in Florida who was having similar talks with staff at her school.

“There are lawsuits in Wisconsin, Maryland, Oregon, California,” Broyles reported. “This is a national agenda, and parents need to recognize they have the right to direct the upbringing, education, care, medical decisions, mental health decisions of their child.”

“They need to assert that right with their school,” she remarked.

Littlejohn spoke with Fox News host Laura Ingraham last week on the subject and how she has found herself at the center of the Parental Rights in Education fight after her daughter’s school allegedly attempted to change her child’s gender without parental consent. Her attorney was also in the audience.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“After we filed a lawsuit, predictably, the school district filed a motion-to-dismiss. We have filed an opposition to that and we’re waiting on the ruling. But what’s more important is that we’re hearing the same exact MO of excluding and deceiving parents, exactly what we heard here, from parents literally around the country. But the good news is that parents are fighting back and they’re filing lawsuits all around the country,” Broyles told Ingraham.

“And here in Florida, governor, not only are parents protected by the United States Constitution but they’re protected by the Parent Bill of Rights and the Parents Rights in Education law that you signed into law. Thank you,” she added to loud applause for Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) who was sitting on stage.


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17 thoughts on “‘Happening all over the nation’: FL mom sues after daughter transitioned at school without consent

  1. Great plan for schools to do this.

    Because no harm can happen if a biological girl decides to room with boys because she “feels like a boy”. I’m sure the boys will respect her “feelings”.

    When donkeys fly.

  2. We are dealing with an evil demonic political party in the democrats. Don’t be confused, they are evil and demonic.

  3. This is not some civil wrong against parents, it is the criminal act of child abuse.


  5. In 1985 I moved back to Texas and stayed with a friend and her daughter while I found work and a place to live.
    Two things happened one I couldn’t get a better position because I wasn’t the right color (a manager let me in on the secret and he’d deny it if repeated). The second thing was my friends daughter who was 16 had come out as gay with several of her friends. She was depressed all the time, moody and was self-mutilating! I came home one night and she was sitting in the dark cutting her arm with a razor blade! I called her name out and ask why she was sitting in the dark and she said she didn’t know. I turned the light on and saw what she was doing to her arm. I didn’t freak out but took the razor blade from her and said that wasn’t the answer to her problems. I had a long conversation with her about what was going on in her life that had her at the point of hurting herself! She was getting so much pressure from her peers and it seemed the female coach was also putting the pressure on and not just to be a better player but play along to get along. I’m face to face with a teenager I’d known since she was 6 being pressured into something she clearly wasn’t comfortable with. I realized her older sister had probably faced the same pressure since she had a boyfriend up until she became pregnant and Lesbians that were on her basketball team in college convinced her to have an abortion and were great at man bashing. This young woman I was sitting with now was tormented by one girl who kept pressing her to be her girlfriend and was breaking her will. I was an obstacle who moved into the house who was 28 and heterosexual. She would bash me all the time from being a heterosexual to calling me a whore for it. She realized real quick her comments didn’t intimidate me and she stopped coming to the house. I explained to my friends daughter it was ok to say no and to find different friends because they weren’t friends if they made her feel so terrible about herself.
    She went on to go to college, met a great guy who she married and raise two children together.
    Reading this article makes me believe this has been going on in schools for decades since I remember the pressure even when I was a teenager from a older female adult in a children’s home we were sent to when our Mom was sick. She was talking about crap that shouldn’t be talked about to children! My 14 & 9 yr old sisters were in the same dorm. I called her out when I was 16 and put the spotlight on her and she was forced out!
    She felt it was her job to talk to us about masterb**** and handed out a book. The group parents had no idea it was going on right under their noses that this woman who was supposed to look after us on their days off at this Baptist Children’s Home.
    I always called her Ms. Pervert to her face and it was a good day when she left.

  6. Sue them all, the teachers, the faculty, the union. The tax payers are signing their checks, for them to practice immoral indoctrination on the children. Enough, is enough.

  7. School Choice should be started in all states to combat this. What ever to reading writing and arithmetic? Stop trying to raise our kids.

  8. Your child does not belong to the state. This is going against our fundamental freedoms and these people should be fired and the school administration held on child endangerment charges.

  9. Have they deleted parent involvement in school suspensions or being present at police questioning, or meeting with parents with the child at juvenile probation? “Non-discrimination clause” is bogus. They’re trying to convince people of this.

  10. All of you conservatives need to stop tip-toeing around the cancer that is liberalism.

    Step on these c***-suckers’ throats and keep it there until you see the life drain from their deranged eyes!

    They’re pure filth and they offer less-than-no value to America.

    They need to be dealt with aggressively – period!

  11. What is happening in certain school districts has become the enemy of the state, so to speak. What is the matter with these people (posing as adults). Are these teachers’ unions so powerful that they are allowed to get away with this evil and vile indoctrination? Kids are impressionable!! Kids are going to follow the crowd!! If it’s “in” they are going to try it….What in the world are they thinking? It’s hard enough being 13, let alone being convinced they are really a different sex than what they were born with!! Are liberals so hell bent on destroying our society that they are willing to stop at nothing?? They won’t allow prayer in school, but they allow this?? A Godless society is apparently their agenda. Sick.

    1. Unfortunately and sadly, PRight, liberals are hell bent on destroying our society that they are willing to stop at nothing! And yes, a Godless society is definitely something they’re working toward. We can only hope and pray that Republicans are able to take back some control in November and total control with a presidential win in 2024! 🙏

    2. I can remember when you were aloud to carry your Bible or spiritual meditation books in your book bag or lockers at school. Now it’s in the same classification as a weapon. Yes it is a weapon against evil and schools have become very evil. Sad that America is falling.

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